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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post it!   :notworthy:  :notworthy:


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--- Quote from: "Eliscu2" ---Thanks for clarifying that.  :notworthy:
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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post it!   :notworthy:  :notworthy:
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Oh your most welcome.
I was thinking that Harriet R. Gershman needs her own little website like the one that Sue Scheff :sue:  has.

It's time that these "Ed-Cons" Child abuse pimps be held responsible for the misery too.

Are you too busy making money to abuse your own child properly?
Got a new wife who does not like kids and you have 4?
Call Harriet R. Gershman.
Harriet R. Gershman will find a PROGRAM for all 4 of your kids at the same time!
She did it to my Family and she will do it for yours.............. ::evil::


Harriet Gershman's EdCon outfit appears to be no longer operational? Perhaps she just doesn't rely on the internet. I'm having difficulty finding a functional website, but I'll keep trying...

Here is the brief bio page from one of her present or former outfits, Access Education International, as archived in March of 2004; page title is noted as "Access Education Consultants, Guiding Families Through...":

-------------- • -------------- • --------------

Over Eighty Years of Combined Experience and Knowledge

Harriet R. Gershman, M.S. Ed., CEP, has been an educational consultant for 24 years and is nationally recognized for her work with students at risk. Harriet also works with the learning disabled, college-bound seniors and students seeking admission to boarding schools.

She serves on the National Board of Directors of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners and is the founder of Academic Counseling Services in Chicago. She is a co-founder of AEI.

James Nolan, M.A., CEP, has been an innovator in educational counseling for 27 years. A founding member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, James has worked successfully with students of all ages to find educational options.

Formerly Director of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, his experience includes a comprehensive knowledge of international education. He is a co-founder of AEI.

Virginia Reiss, M.S., LEP, has actively worked with children, adolescents and adults at all educational levels for nearly 30 years. Virginia is a Licensed Educational Psychologist who is recognized as an expert in determining the causes of learning difficulties.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Marin Psychological Association, and is a Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners. She is the co-author of Finding A School for Your Child in San Francisco and Marin (Chronicle Books, 1990).

Content copyright 2001, Access Education International
1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 203
Evanston, IL, 60201
Phone: 888-967-5333
Fax: 847-492-3433
Email: [email protected][/list]

Another name — or different outfit altogether — through which Harriet Gershman plies her consulting services is Academic Counseling Services Inc, also located at 1800 Sherman Ave in Evanston, Illinois. Here again ... the website appears to be non-functional.

Here's the Manta small business info page for Academic Counseling Services Inc:

-------------- • -------------- • --------------

Academic Counseling Services Inc
1800 Sherman Ave Ste 203
Evanston, IL  60201-3785
Phone:    (847) 492-3434

Business Categories
General counseling services in Evanston, IL
Academic Counseling, Other Individual and Family Services

Academic Counseling Services Inc Business Information
Academic Counseling Services Inc is a private company categorized under Counseling Services and located in Evanston, IL. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $160,000 and employs a staff of approximately 4.

Also Does Business As
Information not found (?)

HQ, Branch or Single Location
Single Location

Annual Sales (Estimated)

Employees (Estimated)

SIC Code and Description
8322, Individual and Family Social Services

NAICS Code and Description
624190, Other Individual and Family Services

Products, Services and Brands
Information not found (?)

State of Incorporation
Information not found

Years in Business

Company Contacts
Contact Name | Title    | Gender
Harriet Gershman | President | —

Data above provided by D&B. © Dun and Bradstreet, Inc.

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