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You cannot make another post so soon after your last.

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--- Quote from: "Antigen" ---How annoying? I was trying to make it less convenient to flood. Give it awhile. If it's not worth the trouble I'll reduce or eliminate the limit.
--- End quote ---
with all due respect Ginger you got choices in which you can delete messed up threads any time. You cannot claim freedom of speech then tantrum like a child or use insultive terms to express your dislike. You wanted people on here to be like this and I think get sick enjoyment from it. Then you got the nerve to bitch about flooding. What the hell do you think you created take some responsibilty for your unprofessional site. Your life is a mess and you treat the people on here with the same disrespect you got going on in your life. You do not put a bunch of cobras in a cage and get pissed when they kill each other. You should of deleted the threads years ago about ART, deleted threads personally attacking others. You fucked up not anyone here. Your side kick PSY is a complete joke as well. You think people come here no they dont because of your unprofessionalism. You got balls to blame my mom when she has only been around for less then 9 months. Whats the reason so many aviod your site? You once had tons now down to a select clicked out few. The same rasty fucks on here. Your moderators are a joke. Agree or get banned is your moto. You are rude and unconcerned with anyone here as long as all hail the mighty Ginger gets her attention and respect. How would you like your kids or cunt talked about daily?? Or have someone like Nazi fucken threaten you? Go smoke another plant and get a clue lady you make me fucking sick

Another dull public service announcement from vagina mouth Raving Mad aka "Babble Tits."


--- Quote from: "elanasshole" ---Another dull public service announcement from vagina mouth Raving Mad aka "Babble Tits."
--- End quote ---
think not pussy breath i am not ashamed or need to hide unlike you. i do not need to be anyone but me. hidding behind fake trolly screennames. everyone is aware who i am dumb ass. all of you care less what you put kids through well i am here to remind you we read all this shit daily. we live it daily. fuck all you people. you all want those places opened because you are sick fuckers. never accomplish a thing here never. but pain and making fun of the weak ones.

Ok.  Back to the original topic.  The time limit has been removed.


--- Quote from: "psy" ---Ok.  Back to the original topic.  The time limit has been removed.
--- End quote ---
wow the first responsible thing i have seen in you for weeks. thank you finally standing up to the plate of administrator duties now extend it more in doing the right thing.


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