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Missing teen

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Edited: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

One of our volunteers have been digging. A person with connection to the local sheriff department named Boyd C Householder is running the place. A kind of tax-record was found. The director of the school is armed and properly dangerous if you mess with their school too much.

The girl managed to escape for quite a distance according to the last sighting. Let's hope she managed to skip the state as some of these school have their own little kingdom. It is possible due to the close connection between the local sheriff and the boarding school that they managed to get an Amber Alert out that fast.

Is she a foreigner?

Look at this page

--- Quote ---Chanel has a birthmark on her elbow and a distinctive BRITISH accent.
--- End quote ---

I don't know how to check this out but she could need assistance and if she is from the United Kingdom then they are on the watch in the British foreign department. They don't want another Linda Carty case. If she is entitled to legal aid, the British authorities should be alerted.

Missing Niece - Chanel Mare - Last seen Missouri US 22/04/2010, Facebook Group

--- Quote ---Recently my niece, Chanel Mare, has gone missing in Missouri in the US.

She was attending a girls ranch and has runaway.

She is 17 years old with no money and has limited clothing and in an extremely vulnerable situation.

She was last seen at a truck stop on interstate 44 westbound on the 22/04/2010, her father lives in Las Vegas and we assume that she is trying to make her way in that direction.

Her mother(my sister) has flown out to the US today 26/04/2010, however we are desperately attempting to create as many avenues as possible to raise the profile of her disappearance.

Please look at the below link and forward to as many people as you can in order for us to try and find her safely.

The link has the number to the Cedar County Sheriff's Department (Missouri), if anyone has any information whatsoever please dial this number and let the Sherriff know no matter how inconspicuous the information might seem.

Alternatively I am in constant contact with the authorities and an email can be sent to

[email protected]

Any information will be forwarded straight on and additionally to my sister who will be out on the road trying to track her down.

Please, this is not a hoax, and would appreciate if this information could be forwarded to as many of your friends and colleagues as possible.
--- End quote ---

We have alerted the foreign department in the UK, so they can be sent home when she is found. While we don't suspect that her family was trying to get her married, we alerted this unit because the risk of being lured into marriage with a program-supporter is larger than in a non-religious program.

According to the facebook group she is found now. Here is a little funny thing if it wasn't so tragic. Look at the testimony page. Her father (who according to several sources live in Las Vegas) speak out:

--- Quote ---“…. The decision to send my daughter was difficult. She was totally and utterly out of control and we did not know what to do. My wife and I are amazed at the change. Once we decided, we agreed to support her caregivers rules and not to weaken we were committed to the full duration of the program.  The program is tough on the kids and very tough on us, but its helpful.  My daughter has  a few more months to go before she is allowed to return home.  Now that she is at the end of the program, and doing well, she actually sounds happy and very polite.

We thank the Householders with all our hearts everyday for helping us get through this difficult time. The Circle of Hope not only helped our daughter gain a new direction in life, and a new life, it also helped us keep our family together. The Householders are caring, sincere but tough and are not doing this for financial gain. They sincerely want to bring these girls closer to God.”

L. Mare and E. Mare
Dad and Stepmom
Las Vegas NV (2007)

--- End quote ---

Please notice that this was written in 2007!! Just a few more months turned out to be 3 years!

Chanel has been found safe and well. All at HFMC wish her well for the future.

Case Type:  No Longer Missing

Missing Date: Wednesday 21st April 2010
Missing From:  Humansville  Missouri
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Female
DOB: 03/Sep/1992
Age Now: 17    Chanel Mare
Specific Details:
Hair:  Light Brown    Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)    Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Race: n/a    language: n/a
Special Facts: Chanel has a birthmark on her elbow and a distinctive BRITISH accent.



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