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Found those testimonies below on this page from Complaintboards:

--- Quote from: lisharayanne ---I went to this boarding school for 15 months, I finally convinced my parents I needed out of this place. Boyd would minipulate the girls not to tell the social workers what was really going on and if we did and we didnt win the case the girls that told the truth would get punished! Or put a black shirt which means you get treated lower and fed less, girls got there faces shoved in puke. Grantid they puked cuase they were being restained for over 3 hours. Boyd spit in the girls faces while he was an inch away screaming at them. (considered murder cuase you can get aids through saliva) a married staff member had sex with one of the girls there and boyd and steph told the girls not to say a word about it and that they took care of it and all parents were notified no parents were notified. A 9 year old was forced to eat huge amounts of food just becuase she was still hungry. We did not get fed enough, I was on the wall for god knows what and I was given a plate of bones with barely any chicken meet on them and steph was serving the food. I remember. And I barely got fed. If you asked for more food you got push ups and got made fun of. Girls got scared to ask. If girls that are in there now say anything boyd and steph will make things harder on you. And shove all of the things you tell your rents or s. S in your face and make your life there hell. We wore dirty underwear and clothes we looked dirty and gross, I had self asteem issues but that was the "purpose" I guess to not feel like a women and feel like the worst thing ever. We worked alot I lost so much weight being there, hardly sleeping, hardly eating, and working way too much, then there was the excersizes you had to do for behavior, you had to keep working till you passed out and we got put in push up position till our fingers were numb and out back was aching, and if we didnt keep our back straight the whole time we were put there longer. 5 minute showers, 1 minute to undress, 3 minutes to clean yourself, 1 minute to dress. Bad hegeine. Were teens not in the #ing military. We didnt ask for this. We got like 2 minutes to take a flippin #. We hardly ate. How in the hell are we gonna take a huge enough # for these ppl? And if it was big enough we had to take medomulso or whatever < (I loled.) I was depressed the whole time and if you showed any sign of depression you got push ups for now being "happy" and docked down shirts cuase you werent "right with god" well boyd and steph your not right with god. Who treats teenagers like this? Not even your own kids wanna follow your footsteps. Jesus. I attempted suicide in church I tryd suffercating myself I could not handle it. Im 18 now I got there when I was 14 and out when I was 16, im still phycologically damaged from it. Girls got brainwashed. Look media if you want a good story. Talk to the girls who know whats really going on. Girls went hungry and that place just disgusts me. I feel really bad for the girls that are there now. Noone should have to go through that. And also there education system was a jjokee I was in the 9th grade and they put me in like 5th grade, I had no high school credits when I got out. They also try to brainwash the girls into stayin there forever and thats the "best thing". This is not the next best option for your children, disipline your own kids, understand your teens and be a flippin parent.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Autumn Ice ---I can personally say from experience that this boarding school is as horrible as she explains it! I remember when I first got there, they treated me like I was one of their own, and then I started making the tiniest of mistakes and they started treating me like [censored]. I was sent there in july of 2017 as a 13 year old girl, and got out december of 2017 as a 14 year old girl. I have always had a difficult time remembering things, especially long paragraphs, even chapters in any kind of book of any sort, and they forced the girls to memorize colossians chapter 3, ephesians chapter 6, philippians chapter 4, and all 176 verses of psalms 119, and if we didn't have them memorized within three months of being there, we were forced to stand on the wall and read them over and over again until we memorized them. my name is autumn ice and unlike whoever this mallory girl is, i'm sorry, you need to learn the difference between good people and abusive people who even their own kids are disgusted by them!! boyd and stephanie householder, i'm calling you out!!! I lost so much weight during my 5 month stay at this wretched ranch you guys call a "place of god"!! I have seen the light now, and am now living the life of an lds (the church of jesus christ of the latter day saints) girl!!! I have never met such horrid people! boyd once had me convinced he was actually trying to help, but as I drove home, my step-mother was explaining how he was claiming they hadn't payed anything for the 5 months I was there!!! all I could think was, "that little liar!!! trying to scam my parents out of money that they needed to keep my older sister able to do the things she wanted to do!" I was livid!! and may I add, since I left, i've been doing some research on this place, and if I may recall seeing, boyd and stephanie householder are not licensed to teach or counsel students!!! as stated by the state of missouri, they have no record of a circle of hope girls ranch and boarding school in their files!!! that got me even more interested, so I dove deeper into my research, and lo behold, in about 2010 I believe it said, a girl went missing from circle of hope and hasn't been seen since. how about you explain that one to me, mallory, huh? I boldly remember being forced to work outside as a black shirt while the other girls got nice warm showers, and then after everyone else was done taking showers, was then allowed to go inside, change out of my smelly, dirty, sweaty work clothes, and given a barely luke warm five minute shower, then expected to work while the other girls enjoyed reading along with their bibles while listening to fun and inspiring devotionals, and when we were done eating that stuff they claimed to our parents was "healthy" food, we were forced as black shirts to place our hands flat on the table because we "couldn't be trusted". I have never seen so many girls act so fake to get out of a place that was supposed to help them. and oh dear god, if we spoke the truth about what was really going on in a letter, or a phone call, the letter was ripped up, or thrown away or the phone was hung up by whatever supervisor was listening to our conversation with our family, which in all honesty should be private in my opinion. within my first week, we were weed eating on the side of the road, and the girls who weren't doing the weed eating, were expected to rake up whatever was tossed about and chopped up by the weed eater, and guess what? no water break for two hours straight!!! and if we asked for one, we were given push-ups or up downs, even if we knew it was past the hour limit for a water break. the policy is supposed to be, a water break every hour on the hour, and a bathroom break every two hours on the hour. when I mentioned to my parents that I was afraid I would be judged based on my scars, which were from self-mutilation, boyd mocked me in front of all the girls, pointing out that there were other girls there with worse scars. it's not like I didn't realize that already, because thank you boyd, but I do have two eyes, that can see perfectly fine on their own, they don't need your guidance to see things, because I had taken notice to things like that. more than once I wanted to attempt to get a message across to my parents that I was going to attempt suicide, at this point I didn't really know how I was going to [censored], but I was gonna go through any measure possible to free myself from that hellhole! even if that meant going to literal hell, I was willing enough!! more than once I was convinced that I wasn't ever going to amount to anything in life, and from then on, i've actually believed that statement. now I always wonder why i'm such a [censored] up, and how I ended up in that place! I was restrained for about an hour based on my lack of being able to handle a workout in my first month, boyd pressed his fingers into the back of my jaw, right around my ear area and left a bruise. I fell asleep crying that night due to the pain, I curled up in a little ball and cried until there were no more tears left to cry in my eyes. I highly suggest finding a way to shut this place down before it has a chance to hurt more girls!! why am I not doing it myself you may ask, because therefore I am a minor and cannot legally file a lawsuit against them in any means, but plan on it when I become an adult. the school they claim they provide should belong in a barrel and burned to the ground, because it's complete [censored]!!! if there really was a schooling to place in that barrel, because if there was a chance of being able to do that, the chances are slim to none, because the schooling part of the "boarding school" barely exists!!! I don't know how these girls are handling it now, but I hope that one day, boyd and stephanie see the real consequences behind not the girl's actions, but their own actions. no, i'm not saying the girls there were perfect little angels that didn't deserve to be there, not by a long shot, because even I will admit, I deserved to be there, but whether or not I deserved to be there isn't the issue at hand at this current moment, now is it? no, it isn't. my point is, the girls there now, and myself don't and never will deserve to be treated the way boyd and stephanie householder treat them, and myself when I attended the place. i'm sick of people defending the place, even when they went there themselves and have witnessed the way they treat those girls!!! after this, i'm gonna go find some more things to research them on! in a place like this, you never know how many secrets it may hold, i'm out for now, if you have any questions regarding my experience with coh, please contact me at [email protected], com

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: karli.chambers ---First let me start by saying this. if you weren’t there, or in the persons shoes that comments, then get off their case. there’s nothing like the feeling of being acused of being a liar. I was at that place for 2 years, 6 months of the 24 I was taken advantage of by boyd. he used me for sexual pleasure, and didn’t care that each step he took he was proving himself to be a the beginning I stood up for him, thinking that he wasn’t that kind of man. but time revealed his true colors. he told me in the beginning that if I ever told anyone he would call me a liar. he did, and he turned white as a sheet and refused to look me in the eyes because he knew he was wrong. the first things out of his mouth were, “she can’t stay here, ” which obviously something that a guilty person would say. stephanie got in my face telling me that it wasn’t possible, but like I said you can’t throw that at someone especially when she wasn’t even there to witness it. I was so close to punching her square between the eyes if she would have laid a finger on me. but she was smart enough that if she did it would have been used against her when I talked to investigators. sorry [censored], you can’t make up a 6 page statement of everything that went on in 1 night. they said that the only reason why I said anything was because I “got into trouble, ” okay, but you aren’t even looking at my perspective. the reason why I couldn’t keep it quiet anymore was because I was tired of him treating me one way during the meetings and embarrassing me in front of the girls and a completely different way when I was alone with him down the hall. I was his secretary. they’ll use the excuse, its policy you cant be anywhere with a male staff without 3 other girls with you, or at least a third. well you all are full of [censored] because I was allowed down the hall by myself with him because I worked in his office. and you can’t say that brandy isn’t ever alone down the hall with him either ;) so all you girls saying that the householders are good people and that they would never do anything to hurt the girls, you are going only off of what you went through while you were there, so grow up and have some empathy. all of this will catch up to the householders, even if it’s when they die.

--- End quote ---

The girls have been removed pending ongoing investigation.

--- Quote from: © Copyright 2020 Cedar County Republican - Stockton, Missouri - by Miles Brite - August 17-2020 ---Local girls home hit with state investigation

In a follow-up to a previous Cedar County Republican exclusive, additional information became available to CCR staff in regard to the ongoing investigation of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch in Humansville.

On Friday and Saturday, Aug. 14-15, sources said state entities removed as many as 32 juvenile females from the religious-based reformatory school.

According to several sources, check well being calls were performed on site at Circle of Hope, prompting child protective service personnel to remove all juvenile female attendants of the facility labeled as a religious reformatory school.

Previously, both Cedar County sheriff James McCrary and Cedar County prosecuting attorney Ty Gaither have told CCR staff their respective offices have continued to monitor reports regarding Circle of Hope and take any potential crimes against children seriously; however, given the sensitive nature of the current investigation and in honoring victim/witness confidentiality protocol, neither official divulged further information when asked about the recent state-level intervention over the past weekend.

Furthermore, Cedar County juvenile officer Jeremy Ruddick would neither confirm nor deny the reported intervention when directly asked about the matter.

Despite several attempts, neither Circle of Hope nor its legal counsel, Kirksey Law Firm, Bolivar, responded to requests for comment on the ongoing matter.

Additional details and a full reporting on the developing situation will be brought to our readers as more information becomes publicly available.

--- End quote ---


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