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Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.

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I had placed my son there on Mother's Day, 2003. My husband drove our son there while I sat home second guessing our decision. I began searching the internet for anything I could find on this place or it's owner's Herman Fountain or John Fountain. I found all kinds of allegations of abuse and torture on the kids. 3 1/2 days later we were back down there rescuing our son. He was covered in bruises inlcuding a black eye. Because we showed up unannounced he was able to smuggle out the names and numbers of three other boys. We also called their parents. Within 5 days the other three boys had been rescued also. We all met with the Attorney General's Office (Mike Moore). We were assured they would open a full blown investigation. A week later the state went in and removed all the children with visible signs of abuse to the face or neck. That is the only part of the body they could see. Two weeks later another 16 boys ran away. 8 ended up in protective custody and the other 8 ended up at a former drill instructors house. All with stories of abuse and torture, sleep, food and water deprivation. Three days before our Court date to testify (August 26th, 2003) we get a call from the Head of Crim. Inv. that the State worked out yet another deal with Bethel. Bethel will no longer use electrical shock for torture, will no longer make the children go to the bathroom on themselves, will feed them three times a day, will not slug them in the face. I could go on and on. We parents are now filing a Class Action Lawsuit. We will name the State of Miss. and Bethel Boys Academy.
If you were ever a student or parent of a student at Bethel, please e-mail me direct. This abuse and torture chamber has got to stop.

email me at [email protected] was the nurse there.

I was the nurse at Bethel for 2 months.....
email me privately please.  

[email protected]

I tried to e-mail you and the e-mail addy isn't any good.  If you would like to contact me directly, please do.  I would love to talk with you.
[email protected]


This woman runs the forum circuit spouting crap continually about Bethel.

I do not believe her, and if you do you are a gullible american that wants to believe the worst about everyone.

I guess she does not have ANYTHING constructive to do with her life otherwise.


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