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German Brat Camp Round 4 update


Patrick - a 16 year old small crime criminal - managed to escape the customized Monarch Wilderness program the German television station RTL had created.

He was allowed to return to Germany when he was caught the next morning.

There is the difference between the real wilderness program and a TV-show. The TV-station has to look at the costs and Patrick was too expensive.

Some previous coverage; I couldn't find all of it... The television program is called "Teenager au├čer Kontrolle" or "Teenager ausser Kontrolle." It looks like different seasons have been based on different programs, if I'm not mistaken? E.g., Catherine Freer, Turnabout Ranch, Monarch... Perhaps that is just my impression.

Making this problem an international one
Catherine Freer is going to treat a teenager due to his political stand.

It is called "Teenager ausser kontrolle".

They have tried Turn-about Ranch first, Catherine Freer next and it is the second year they use Monarch Wilderness. Because they Germans don't speak a lot English, they used a combined staff of locals and Germans. The chief therapist every year is Annegret Fischer Noble.

At some point they even treated a boy who voted at the wrong party and it worked. It may sound odd but countries are different and in some countries certain policital views are considered wrong.

We have only updated the European Wiki, but on Fornits Wiki you can see some information about the previous series. Brat Camp have been used in various versions in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands and of course in the States. The Dutch version took the kids to Africa and they made it out of Kenya just before the civil war started. It was not the smartest place to provide therapy.

Even Denmark had a version but they turned it into a competition where one of the teenagers were voted out of the show every week by the therapists if they didn't change enough. The therapists knew that no program in the world can change a kid for real because the whole concept of such a show will be deception.

One of our case workers have been in contact with the so-called bad girl on the US show, who was labeled as a loser in the end because she turned back to her old ways. Guess what, some 5 years later she is quite successful doing her work and have been in Portugal to take the last part of her education. Those shows don't tell the truth.

One more update.

3 parents ended up in the hotel down in the city because the wilderness conditions at Monarch were too harsh. In the end one of the girls had to meet her parents in a park in town because even the drive out in the desert would send them to the hospital.

Another parent did smell the fish and remained at home in Germany. She sent her husband as a crash test dummy, but it was clearly not what the daughter needed.

Then the round 4 of the German version ended.

One of the boys got to leave early because he escaped from the Monarch program. In the follow-up episode filmed 6 months later, he was still living at his mother. He had cut down on his criminal activities but was not involved in any schooling. For the viewers it was clear that he was maturing but the process was slow.

One of the girls was living in a camper at her father. She was pregnant at age 16 but she had the support of her birth father. The therapist hired local support for her mother and the stepfather. This case was described as an success.

Another of the girls who had a couple of parents who during the entire show didn't want to do anything which should cause them to leave the sofa was living on the streets. The therapist arranged for local support and possible supervised apartment from the social services. During the entire show this girl gave everything during therapy, but there were absolutely no support from the adults in her now former home.

The rest of the kids did well. Some of the parents could need a reminder, so they could avoid falling back into their old ways.


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