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Fornits has been down for a month. What have you been doing?


Pile of Dead Kids:
Please tell me the answer isn't "nothing".

We have a number of small adjustments, which was made to the Wiki database. However the off-line period did show us that we have to kick a second message board into gear. It is not because we have anything against Fornits, but every time it has been offline for one reason or another, we are left to comments on blogs.

The news from our part of the world is that the german version of Brat Camp is being broadcast for the forth time. They seem to have found something which works in co-orpation with Monarch Family Center after having tried Turn-about Ranch and Catherine Freer. But last year they learned that no program in the US will have a lasting effect unless they both take the parents to the US too for a 14 days wilderness therapy and provide the families with a consultant back home in Germany for a full year.

Their discovery is that a so-called troubled teen is the result of some kind of dysfunctional family unit, so they will spread out the treatment to the entire family. It was a similar discovery the UK version of the program made too. They used a shorter version of the original Anasazi program but sent both a mother and a daughter out in the field for the same period. Sometime together, sometime apart. It worked way better than the programs where it only was the child which were shipped to the program.

So now they have to discover a new title for such shows. "Brat Camp" or "Teenagers beyond control" as the Germans call it doesn't cut it when the origin of the so-called problems is very much the adult rolemodels in the home.

Che Gookin:
Moved to a different part of china.

Partied in Beijing.

some other stuff that I can't mention on open forums.

DannyB II:

--- Quote from: "Che Gookin" ---Moved to a different part of china.

Partied in Beijing.

some other stuff that I can't mention on open forums.
--- End quote ---

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