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BILL LANE: Transformed Transporter

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You got it. Amazingly, neither the author nor his subject mention their years as staff at CEDU, not to mention the influence of Mel Wasserman. Bill Lane and Wasserman were allegedly good friends, "back in the day"...

See also the Bill Lane interview titled, "BIGGER THAN LIFE: A personal journey into the history of CEDU," posted in the 'synanon cedu and the seed' thread.
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He wasn't just another Cedu staff.  Bill Lane was President of Cedu Running Springs while I was there during the early nineties. After Bill left in 1992, another Synanon Lifer: Jim Powell took over as President of CEDU-RS.  

Another interesting fact that the article doesn't mention : Bill Lane only wears long sleeve shirts - because both of his arms are covered with jail-house tatoos.  Bill is very ashamed of this, which is why he never wears a t-shirt or short sleeves out in public.
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DannyB II:
Sounds like a great story to me. Different time.

I'm fairly sure that Bill was the name of the feared transporter who lived near Mount Bachelor Academy. MBA was started by former CEDU people, so him being the same guy, that would make sense. I think he was living near the school in the Ochoco National forest in Oregon. He had a fortified basement that he would use as a prison for children for several days at a time while their parents decided what program to send them to. It apparently had cable, video games and bars on the windows, and I knew several kids who spent small stretches of time there.


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