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Here's yet another "Escort Services / Runaway Retrieval" Agency that program proponents have started... This one employing a number of folk associated with the CEDU family of programs and like-minded former police personnel:

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Investigations & Security Services
Advantage Investigations Security Services Inc.
Specializing in Juvenile Runaway Services - Interventions & Recovery

Advantage ISS investigators bring over two decades of law enforcement, private investigations and personal security experience to Northern Idaho and the Inland Northwest.

Advantage ISS Inc. offers the best and most comprehensive runaway services in the greater Northwest. We are trained and experienced in runaway interventions. We have a proven track record in locating and bringing runaway adolescents back to the safety of home, treatment center, or program. Chuck Selent, Michael Decker and trained personnel have located and transported well over a hundred runaways over the better part of two decades.

We are centrally located in northern Idaho and are a short flight or drive to anywhere in the northwestern USA. We have successfully located juvenile runaways in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Due to following leads in our investigations, we have located and returned runaways from as far away as California and Canada. Most of our personnel are law enforcement trained and have the ability to deal with various situations which may arise in searching for, apprehending, transporting, and bringing back to safety, runaway juveniles. Our personnel are able to make suggestions and offer solutions that others may not be able to or have the knowledge of. We have an understanding of both civilian and law enforcement communities.

Our success rate in locating runaways that have been missing under thirty six hours is above 95%. We have an overall location rate of about 90%. Each runaway assignment has many variables and there is no way that we can guarantee each individual case, but with a proven track record and experience in runaway interventions, the odds are in you and your families favor. It is comforting to know you have these resources and tools working for you and your child.

Please call Chuck Selent, Director of Operations, to discuss your specific needs for prompt and efficient service. Remember we are only a short flight or drive away. Your child's safety and well being is our number one priority.

Advantage ISS investigators also provide discreet and confidential services that include:

[li]Workman's Compensation[/li]
[li]Insurance Fraud/Defense[/li]
[li]Criminal Defense[/li]
[li]Civil Investigations[/li]
[li]Process Service[/li]
[li]Personal & Property Security[/li]
[li]Missing Persons[/li][/list]


Advantage Investigations Security Services Inc.
P.O. Box 1352 Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 290-2277 Cell / (208) 267-5807 Office[/list][/list]

Advantage AAIS
Advantage ISS Inc.
Corporate Office:
P.O. Box 1352
379 Uplander Rd
Bonners Ferry ID 83805
[email protected]

Mike Decker[/list]
Mike is a retired law enforcement officer from the Oakland CA police department. He is a private investigator. Mike started working with "at -risk" adolescents outside of law enforcement, in 2001. He has participated in hundreds of successful escorts throughout the US, Canada, and Jamaica. In addition to adolescent escorts, mike has conducted dozens of successful searches and interventions for runaway and missing children. Mike brings his extensive experience as a law enforcement officer and father to the task at hand. When working with "at -risk" adolescents, Mike has a real gift in being able to accurately "read" a child to ensure a successful outcome with both escorts and runaway searches and interventions.

(208) 290-8926 Cell
[email protected]

Angela and Justin Henney[/list]
Angela and Justin Henney have each been counseling teenagers for about nine year. They feel that strong, consistent boundaries coupled with compassion usually elicit better behavior.

The offer their licensed home as a "Safe House" for teens who are in transition from a program to the next phase in their lives. The headmaster at a reputable therapeutic boarding school in the area recently commented that Angela and Justin's home "is the safest safe house" he had ever seen.

Brenda Selent[/list]
Brenda has been involved in working with “at – risk” adolescents since 1994. She has been involved in dozens of successful transports, numerous runaway interventions and many interim care/safe house situations with young people over the years. Brenda is CPI and First Aid certified. Brenda has a passion in working with young people along with her hobbies which include gardening, decorating and animals.

David Kramer[/list]
Dave has extensive experience as a 30-year veteran law enforcement Officer, including 20 years as a Police Chief, and a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He has served in leadership roles as the President of the Montana/Idaho chapter of FBI National Academy Associates and the Idaho Chiefs of Police. Dave is active in the community having served as President of the Rotary Club, where he is also a Paul Harris Fellow, and a 30-year active member of the Search and Dive Team where he serves as the Dive Team Leader. Dave has worked with at risk youth and adults most of his life, and has developed a way to calm situations, and use critical thinking skills to deescalate situations for a positive outcome. He enjoys working with adolescents, and has done escorts for "at-risk" adolescents since the early 90's. He has been an Advanced EMT working on a volunteer ambulance, and maintains his first aid skills. Dave also is a professional photographer and enjoys everything outdoors from skiing, to hiking, scuba diving and riding ATV's. He has coached a Special Olympics snowshoe team for several years, and is still active in supporting the Special Olympics programs.

Andrea Kramer[/list]
Andrea is a very outgoing person that has dynamic people skills that allow her to identify and start communication with most everyone, putting them at ease.  She has a solid background that includes working in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff and investigations. Andrea received special honors when she graduated from the Idaho Police Academy. Some of her specialized training included hostage negotiations and critical incident stress debriefing. Andrea has also been a State certified Instructor for emergency dispatchers, and taught Emergency Medical Technician classes (EMT’s). Andrea had a passion for photography where she operates a professional photography studio and she enjoys working with "at-risk" adolescents. Having escorted several youths to different locations around the country allows the family to rest a little easier knowing that their child will be well cared for and respected.

David and Jennifer De Spain[/list]
For more than 18 years David has been involved in negotiating resolutions. His experience includes, Law Enforcement, Investigations and Teen advisor. He now continues his career as a Private Investigator and lead Adolescent / Young adult transport agent with Advantage.

David and Jennifer make a great team in working with young people. Jennifer has a way of making friends with most young people and turning things around to the point of being able to facilitate a smooth transition for those she works with. Both David and Jennifer have a real talent in working with young people by turning a somewhat stressful situation into a positive experience in the end.

Caroline Wolf[/list]
Caroline Wolf is considered an innovative leader in the area of crisis intervention, wilderness therapy and residential programs. She brings with her over 22 years of experience and has helped several hundred families and children. Her resume includes the design and management of several of the highest quality programs available in the United States.

She brings her gifts and knowledge of the many excellent programs available for struggling teens and adults, along with her tireless dedication and true commitment to her work with families. Caroline is one of the rare individuals who have the ability to see the good in every child and has made it her life's work to help children see this good in themselves. She is truly a gift to every family and gives her wealth of knowledge and experience brilliantly.


--- Quote ---Caroline Wolf
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See also, regarding her employment in the teen escort binnis:

* Caroline Wolf Strikes Again
* Allen Cardoza / West Shield Adolescent Services (a few posts therein)

It's amazing how many program owners, EdCons and referrers send their own kids to programs as well.

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About our personnel and services
(Students names have been changed and some information such as names and locations left blank or omitted to protect confidentiality)
Actual references and contact information available on request

I will be eternally grateful to Chuck and Mike for their professionalism in how they handled my son's transport to the program I selected. The program was on the other side of the country from where we live, so there were going to be several plane changes in addition to a two plus hour drive once they landed. Obviously, the decision to send my son away was very difficult and heart wrenching, but needed to be done. Chuck and Mike made me (and my son I later learned) feel VERY comfortable throughout the whole process. I could tell they took their job seriously, but also showed honest concern for my sons safety and well-being. They communicated with me throughout the trip to help ease my concerns. Due to flight delays, they missed a connection, so they had to change plans. Everything still went smoothly and my son arrived safely at his destination. I strongly recommend using Advantage Adolescent and Interim Services if the need arises.
Ellen B. Huntsville AL

Brenda and Chuck, I am writing to let you both know how good of a job you both did. My daughter was heavy into drugs and risky behavior for over a year…. When you made the pick-up, it was the first time in a year I knew she was safe. Your advice, planning, and hand holding was the best. Any parent in this position could do no better than consult with you both and follow your plan. Thank you for the first steps in saving Jill.
Mike B. Sandpoint, ID

…I cannot say enough good things about Chuck and Mike. They were professional, courteous and understanding. A very difficult set of circumstances was made much easier by the addition of their capable hands.
Pam T. West Chester, PA

Transport and Runaway Intervention
We would like to take this opportunity to make a personal and heartfelt recommendation regarding the services of Mr. Chuck Selent. Under extremely trying circumstances we called on Mr. Selent not once, but twice in the space of twelve months. The first was to transport our teenage daughter from Tampa , Florida to an emotional growth program in _______.

Chuck and Brenda Selent were very supportive and understanding during this emotional and difficult time. To say that our daughter gave them a hard time would be a gross understatement. She was verbally and physically abusive to them and threw a huge fit at the airport. Throughout all these events Chuck remained calm and completely in control. He also kept her father and I fully informed each step of the way as they delivered her safely to the program at _______.

Unfortunately, some months later our daughter elected to run from________ and went missing in the town of Missoula, Montana. Chuck and his partner did everything in their power to locate our runaway daughter. They left no stone unturned. This tremendous effort resulted in their successfully finding and returning our daughter to program.

A local police officer made the comment to us that Chuck and his partner had done everything possible. This gentleman told us that it was obvious that they cared deeply about finding our daughter and had really gone the extra mile to do so.

No words can ever convey our respect and admiration for the work this gentleman does…it would be difficult if not impossible to find someone with the experience and background Chuck and his team bring to the table. We wholeheartedly thank him for being there for our family.
Giselle and Alan A. Brandon, FL

Professional Recommendation
Over the years, we have had the opportunity to talk with dozens of students who first met Chuck in the middle of the night under extremely stressful circumstances. We were amazed by how many of these students spoke of Chuck fondly and asked how he was doing. Not one student has ever had anything negative to say about their experience with Chuck, which we believe is a recommendation in itself.

As the first link in a chain that will hopefully lead toward positively redirecting a student, we believe that an experienced professional escort is essential. Because of this, we very enthusiastically recommend Chuck Selent as the top in his field.
R and W S. (owners - adolescent program) Couer d' Alene, ID

Runaway Intervention and Transport
My wife and I cannot say enough about the services we received from______, and specifically Chuck Selent and Mike Decker, the week of …..

We arranged for Chuck and Mike to pick up Allen and take him back to_______. Allen still thought that since he had made it clear that he wanted to come home that I would take him home rather than send him back (to the program he ran away from). He was clearly surprised when Chuck and Mike arrived.

This was when I was able to observe firsthand the loving, caring but firm manner in which these gentlemen dealt with the situation. Before meeting Allen they asked me for background information on Allen's interests, and then spent the first 20 minutes with my son building a rapport with him around his love for _____. They also dealt with his issues of not wanting to go back, including helping explain the value if the residential program that he was running from and would be returning to. Although Allen strongly did not want to return to ______, they were able to help him calmly accept the fact that he was going back without incident.

In summary, I cannot imagine a service that could provide more than what I received in terms of quick response, staying in close contact with me over the three days, being flexible as our understanding of Allen's location changed and helping Allen get in agreement with going back without incident. As a father, sending Allen back with an adolescent escort service was one of the hardest things I have ever done. They helped me with my fears and concerns and made the process much more positive and beneficial to all involved than I had anticipated.

I would be happy to act as a reference for other people who may be considering using your service and can be reached at _________.
Doug H. Chico, CA

Professional Recomendation
(The following testimonial uses actual names by permission)

I have known Chuck Selent and Mike Decker for many years and am familiar with their skills and compassion for teens in crisis. While Director of Ascent, I was on the receiving end of their escort services. Now, in the private practice of Clinical Psychology once again, I am on the referral side. In both roles, I have been extremely happy with their work. Kids are safely and courteously transported to treatment, and parents are pleased and relieved by their professionalism. I recommend them without reservation.
Roger C. Rinn, PHD, Licensed Psycologis, Huntsville, Alabama

Professional Recommendation
This letter is written to commend Chuck Selent, with whom I have worked for almost a decade. My first contact with Chuck occurred when he was engaged to search for and escort back to campus our son, when he ran away from his placement at ________ in 1996. During that traumatic incident, we found Chuck to be positive, helpful, professional and competent. Knowing that a person of his caliber was searching for our son eased some of our concern and fear.

Since then for nearly seven years as Family Services Coordinator, educational consultant liaison and most recently as Director of _________I have had many occasions to recommend or engage Chuck Selent to be an Escort or to search for a missing student. He has always been quick to respond to a request for assistance, thorough in his preparation and search, and diligent in following every lead. He is always respectful but firm with the students he works with and shows compassion to the parents for whom it is a most distressing event. Chuck never takes a chance that might compromise the safety of a student or staff working with him, often suggesting the time, place and circumstances of transfer to maximize effectiveness. He understands the needs of all parties concerned - student, parent, staff and other professional service providers - and ensures that all those needs are met. He is unfailingly polite and professional, easing the tension of difficult circumstances because of his competence and calm demeanor.
R. M. (Director of an adolescent program) Idaho

Runaway Intervention
Thanks for your help in locating my son last Thursday. We especially appreciate your advice in how we should deal with our son during our phone calls with him.

Because of your counsel we were able to learn of his whereabouts and encourage him to check into ________ which lead to locating and finding Donald.
Brian M. Chatham, NJ

Chuck and Mike immediately put our son at ease. They shook hands and explained the events that were about to take place. They answered his questions honestly and treated him with dignity and respect….. to actually see our son walk out the door willingly and of his own accord made the scene so much easier to take… We were ready for anything, and had it been that our son resisted, we knew that Chuck and Mike would have handled the situation with the same ease as the scene that actually happened. We want parents to be encouraged during that time of great emotion and turmoil.

As parents, we could not have chosen two better men to help our son to the destination where we now know he is getting the help and support he needs more than anything. We cannot recommend Chuck and Mike more highly.
Pamela and Fred L. Chicago, IL

Interim Care Summer 2007
Richard, I could never put into words what you have given to Josh and our family.
Andi A. Chicago, IL

Escort/ Interim Care
I have used the services of Advantage ISS Inc. three times within a year while my son was in a therapeutic boarding school.  Chuck Selent escorted our son two times to a wilderness program.  Chuck not only was professional in his dealings with us, but he was very sensitive to our emotional state. He communicated with us prior and after placement to update us with how our son was doing.

Most recently, we had to use the services of Advantage ISS again to place our son in a safe house while we looked for a different therapeutic setting.  Chuck placed our son with two wonderful people, Debi and Laurie.  To be honest, when it was recommended by our son’s therapeutic boarding school to put him in a safe house while we looked for another placement, my heart raced with so many questions.  Would my son be safe with these strangers?  What values do these people have?  Whatever dark thoughts that could possibly happen to a child from unknown people came to my mind.  It was a very trying moment.  Bringing our son home for the interim was not recommended by all the professionals we had consulted, but Chuck knew our needs and placed our son in a loving, trusting and safe place.  Our son blossomed in that month.  He needed time out from his previous placement in a home that gave him what he had missed: a loving, nurturing, family environment.  Debi and Laurie not only touched the life of our son, but they touched ours as well.  We have since become good friends.

Overall, I would highly recommended Advantage Iss Inc, and Chuck Selent.  Chuck had always been very prompt and thorough with his communication to us.  We have never been left hanging in the dark.
Mother of 15 year old, CA

Caroline Wolf

Caroline Wolf is considered an innovative leader in the area of crisis intervention, wilderness therapy and residential programs. She brings with her over 22 years of experience and has helped several hundred families and children. Her resume includes the design and management of several of the highest quality programs available in the United States.

She brings her gifts and knowledge of the many excellent programs available for struggling teens and adults, along with her tireless dedication and true commitment to her work with families. Caroline is one of the rare individuals who have the ability to see the good in every child and has made it her life's work to help children see this good in themselves. She is truly a gift to every family and gives her wealth of knowledge and experience brilliantly.

surreal. the woman is a narcissistic sociopath. just thinking about this woman really winds me up.


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