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Posted: Jan 2, 2010

Sequel TSI Holdings, LLC (Three Springs)
Huntsville, AL

Three Springs Acquired By Sequel Youth And Family Services

Aida Porras
VP Marketing
256-880-3339 x222

December 30, 2009

Sequel Youth and Family Services, a nationally recognized leader in youth services, announces the acquisition of privately held Three Springs, Inc. (TSI) a leading provider of specialized behavioral health treatment for adolescents. Three Springs Inc. headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama is a strategic and valued addition to Sequel. The acquisition will extend the company's geographic footprint with the combined companies operating 22 programs across the country. Paint Rock Valley, an outdoor therapeutic program located in Trenton, AL and Auldern Academy, a therapeutic boarding school located in Siler City, NC will add private educational and therapeutic programming to Sequel's continuum of service. Leadership in these programs will remain unchanged. Three Springs' referral sources, clients and families will continue to receive the same level of quality and support as both companies will work to ensure a seamless transition. The merger of these organizations will create a company that is stronger programmatically and financially. The combined entity will be stronger than either company standing alone and perfectly positions the organization for growth and continued service excellence. Most importantly, Chairman, Jay Ripley states, "we will stay true to the operating philosophy and core values shared by both Sequel and Three Springs."

For additional details please contact Aida Porras, VP of Marketing at (256) 880-3339.

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Who is Sequel Youth and Family Services?

Another one of these "juvenile education and reform" conglomerates, apparently...
One with a number of personnel ties to Youth Services International Inc., which, if I'm not mistaken, is or was also a former owner of Three Springs, no?

I'm guessing that the acquisition of Three Springs represents part of Sequel's efforts at expansion, expressed below as "looking ... to add additional bases of operation throughout the country for these highly-sought-after services."  

-------------- • -------------- • --------------


Sequel Youth and Family Services (SYFS) was founded by Cindy Cox, Adam Shapiro, and Jay Ripley, and in June, 1999 began managing the Clarinda Academy in Clarinda, Iowa at the request of the Clarinda Youth Corporation. The following year, in December, 2000, we entered into a management contract with the Woodward Youth Corporation to operate the Woodward Academy in Woodward, Iowa. Normative Services Prep School (NSI), located in Sheridan, Wyoming, followed in January, 2003, as the NSI Board sought a smooth transition from the school’s retiring founding principals to a manager that shared their core values and operating philosophy.  In February, 2004 we began managing Mingus Mountain Academy (MMA), located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, as a result of a search by its Board for a manager to continue MMA’s rich history of serving adolescent females in the equestrian tradition of its founders. In the spring of 2007, Lakeside Academy, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan entered into a management contract with Sequel Youth and Family Services.  These five programs constitute the foundation of our Academy Division.    

In July 2006, we launched SequelCare, our Community-Based Services (CBS) division. SequelCare of Iowa was established in the summer of 2006 and serves youth and families across the state of Iowa. In the spring of 2007, SequelCare purchased Gift of Life, a CBS provider located in Pinellas Park, Florida and changed the name to SequelCare of Florida. SequelCare of Florida provides a broad continuum of services in the Tampa Bay area. In August of 2008, SequelCare purchased DayBreak Behavioral Resources in Prescott, Arizona and changed the name to SequelCare of Arizona. In addition we are looking at a number of opportunities to add additional bases of operation throughout the country for these highly-sought-after services.  

The combination of our Academy and Community-Based Services divisions positions us to become the premier full-service provider of youth and family services nationally. We are proud of all of our programs, and believe that they are among the elite behavioral health programs for troubled and at-risk youth in the country.

Sequel continues to seek high-quality Academy and CBS opportunities. Accordingly, if you are seeking high-quality, professional, and proven leadership for your troubled or at-risk youth population, please feel free to contact us.

© Copyright 2009 Sequel Youth and Family Services, All Rights Reserved.

At some point, Sequel Youth and Family Services solicited the investment services of Patriot Capital. SYFS is described as follows on Patriot Capital's page titled Prior Portfolio Companies:

Sequel Youth and Family Services is a for-profit education and correctional facility services company. The Company develops and operates programs for at-risk and delinquent juveniles. Sequel's management team approached Patriot Capital with a five year business plan and financing strategy that would allow the Company to execute its internal growth, acquisition strategy and meet the shareholder needs. Patriot Capital presented a structural alternative to equity financing that would meet management and shareholder needs and enable the company to successfully execute its strategy.[/list]


John ("Jay") F. Ripley

Mr. Ripley is Chairman of Sequel Youth and Family Services (SYFS). He was a founding stockholder of Youth Services International (YSI) and served as its President and COO as well as its CFO. Mr. Ripley also has served as President and CEO of Precision Auto Care, a publicly held, worldwide franchiser of automotive service centers, as well as Corporate Controller and then VP of Eastern Division Retail Operations for Jiffy Lube, the leading franchiser of quick lube centers in America. Mr. Ripley began his career with Ernst & Young, CPAs, in Baltimore, MD.

Contact Information
Phone: (540) 338-5182
Email: [email protected]

Steve Gilbert
Senior Vice President,
Business Development

Mr. Gilbert is Senior Vice President of Sequel Youth and Family Services. He began his career in the childcare industry as a youth counselor at the Clarinda Academy in 1992. He was employed with Youth Services International (YSI) for seven years and served the company as the Clarinda Academy Admissions Director, Regional Admissions and Marketing Director, and the National Marketing and Business Development Director. Mr. Gilbert joined Sequel Youth and Family services as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development in 1999.

Contact Information
Phone: 712-310-9395
Email: [email protected]

John Stupak
Senior Vice President,
President of SequelCare

Mr. Stupak is President of Sequel Care and has over 25 years experience in the human services field. Before joining Sequel in 2007, John worked for NHS Human Services, a large and diversified provider of behavioral health and human services. Mr. Stupak graduated from Temple University with a Master's Degree from the School of Social Administration with a concentration in planning, research, and evaluation.

Contact Information
Phone: (267) 419-8913
Email: [email protected]

© Copyright 2009 Sequel Youth and Family Services, All Rights Reserved.

Che Gookin:
Jesus, talk about being saved from the edge of the abyss. Most of the recent reports I've gathered about 3 turds over facebook showed me that they were on the very edge of going under.

1) New Dominion was chopped..
2) Duck River and Wayne County were axed..
3) The Paint Rock Valley programs were consolidated, meaning the girl's side was rolled into the boy's side. (they were two separate campuses before)

There is a list on facebook showing all the programs that have been sent down, I'll find it later. Reading this is very depressing as by all accounts this is a program that needs to be shutdown. Just reading this made me want to curl up in a corner with a bottle of Johnie Walker and tie one on. I figure one shot for every kid I saw weeping at that damn place is about right. Ought to keep me busy for  a week or two.


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