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Let Go and Let your Higher Power (or God)
Hold accountable
Humbling yourself
Make Amends
Work your program
One day at a time...

Words in general sound 'program' to me now.
like the words, issues & confront.

It's not the words themselves as much as the context that makes them so.

The words 'confrontation' and 'responsabilities' have been jaded for me, along with some others.

I started trying to stop talking like that as soon as I left Straight.

PS - "You don't try to do something, you just do it!"

In VA straight, the phrase "settin' in yer crap" was used a lot by parents during open meetings when addressing kids that weren't "progressing", which is a word that is jaded for me...

How about, "I have alot of 'feeluns' about that"

"Get real!"...

"Looking at things through rose-colored glasses" meant romanticizing your druggie past...

BTW - There are a lot of terms that were used at straight listed (with their usage) on the Yahoo Alumni site in the Database section under "straight lingo"

"Pushing feelings"

This one was great, cause you were expected to cry when you talked about your past.  And if you didnt cry with the right level of sincerity, then you were pushing feelings.  This of course gave the group and staff 50 millions justifications for ripping you a new asshole.

Speaking of justifications, "Justifying something off" was another one....finding a reason to make it okay that you rocked out or looked at a guys ass or put one extra spoonful of peanut butter on your bread for lunch.

There was a time when all the fifth phasers used the same structure for a confrontation, like a mad lib or something....

"____ stand up! Im so sick and tired of people coming in here and messing around with this group (brilliant)!!!!  You need to get honest and take responsibility for whatever it is that you have been holding back (usually, unless they actually HAD dirt on you).  It really PISSES ME OFF (acentuated by spitting or screaming so loud their voice cracked) that you are messing around with this group (more brilliance!).....(insert normal talking voice here as if they were perfectly calm)....And you know _____, I really love and care about you and hope that you can get honest and take care of yourself, (blah blah meanigless loving admonitions.....) LOVE YA ______!!

That was the textbook confrontation...word for word. And it usually came from at least 3 different 5th pahsers before you got to talk.  

Yeah, let me tell you...I woke ever morning with all the intentions of going in there and messing around with the group. I mean, what the fuck is that?  Like I thought I could get away with it?  And let me tell you something meant everything to me to get that extra spoonful of peanut butter past the attention of the 5th phasers!


Paul St. John:
What were the Daytop definitions of Honesty and Awareness?

*Hmmm.. Let me see if I can remember.  Honesty meant sinking into the lowest level of yourself, if I remember correctly.

Awareness, meant nothing.  The word used all of the time, by the members and the staff, but none of them even knew what teh fuck it meant.

"Where's your awareness?"
" You betta get some awareness."

It should have menat being aware, which is a personal thing, but in there in meant, how well, you thought and acted like them.

And were you ever in a bag?

*  I totally remember that term, but I can t remember what it meant... mighta meant hiding your feelings or something.. can t remember.

I bet you were never gamey.

*  They didn t have that term, but if you fucked around the other sex, either physically, or I think even if you were just flirting, it was referred to as " playing games"

Ginger, I cannot tell ya how much that term pissed me off. How fucking demeaning!!

Paul St. John

Yup, same thing. "Awareness" meant having fully and completely accepted the doctrine so that it became first, not second nature. Also, it meant doing a thorough job of intimidating your newcomers and fellow oldcomers by watching their every move for just one false one to report up the chain of command.

"In a bag" meant in a bad mood; can't have been a healthy response to what was going on, had to be a flaw or failing in you.

My brother said he remembered the day when the term "gamey" was coined at The Seed. That would have been sometime in the early `70's in Ft. Lauderdale.
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