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I'm curious about something. How much of the vocabulary from the various programs overlaps vocabulary from others? Anyone care to join me in exploring this issue?

Here's an example of the words and phrases redefined by Straight.

Justify: as in "You're justifying yourself" or "quit trying to justify ______."
Definition: Thinking critically about whether or not you are at fault in a particular action or circumstance.
Example: "I hit the SOB because I found out he'd been fucking my 14yo sister."

[myriad youths flap their arms in a wild manner, like seagulls on acid, trying to garner favor with the staffer who will call on the first angry mob member to confront the errant newcomer]  

"Quit trying to justify yourself! Ya' know? You put your step dad through total hell with your shit! And he still cares enough to put you into a place like this to save your life. You're selfish, you know that. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of seeing you sponge off the group and feel sorry for yourself. You did the necessary things to get yourself put in here, ya know! Don't try justifying yourself by blaming your dad cause this group has awareness and we're not gonna buy it! You don't know how to handle problems without acting like the druggie animal you are. But this group loves you and we'll be here for you, busting your ass, till you decide to get Honest(tm*) and start getting Straight!

Staff: Love ya Joe!
Group, in unison: Love ya, Joe!
Staff: Who's next?

How does your cult define the word "justify"? Or is there another word they bind to the above definition?

* Tune in for the next exciting episode of Fornits Vocabulary Bee, where I may attempt to inform those of you without Awareness(tm) on the true definition of the word Honesty(tm)!

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Two reasons for starting this thread. One, as stated, I've just been real curious about lingo lately. I saw the progression, firsthand, from The Seed to Straight and, years later, have recognized a lot of the old lingo various people who come around here through different variants of the Program. I know that The Seed and CEDU were both based on Synanon and that's where a lot of the lingo comes from. A lot of that, as it is, derives from AA. So I'm just curious as to how the language has progressed.

Then I had to try and pick a forum in which this topic sould best fit. Only the politics fans ever post to Open Free For All. And here's this cleverly named forum filled with tumbleweed and moldy old archives, I though it was as good a place as any to start something and send out an invitation.

Which brings me to my second point: I just changed this forum to disallow anon posting after repeated and passionate requests from people who want it. If there's that much demand for it, I figure, then it must be a good idea. So here it is.

Locate the blind spot in the culture--the place where the culture isn't looking, because it dare not--because if it were to look there, its previous values would dissolve.
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Paul St. John:
In Daytop, 'justify' had the same meaning, and not only that, but that whole thing that you wrote there basically was right out of a meeting in Daytop.

My memory was not actually as clear on all that shit..

OMG, what a F***ing flashback!  :wink:

Paul St. John

Yeah, I knew Daytop was a direct (or possibly once removed) Synanon spin off. And some of us have wondered if Seed founder, Art Barker, wasn't a Daytop alumni.

What were the Daytop definitions of Honesty and Awareness? And were you ever in a bag? I bet you were never gamey.

What I really wonder about, though, is the WWASP lexicon. Some years ago, when I first heard about WWASP from a segment on 48 hours, I found out that, half a continent and some decades away from my warped little slice of utopia, kids were no longer destined to be dead, insane or in jail without the saving grace of the Program. Instead, they would be dead, insane or in the gutter. I've always wondered about the progression. Did Art change it (before or after he got a few cops and judges kids in Group) or did WWASP change it afterward?

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I always hated "Taking Responsibility".  It was some sort of level of enlightenment that you were suppposed to obtain during some time on your phases....most likely whenever staff decided to let you.  Taking Responsibility was supposed to mean owning up to your actions (see "clearing things up")and being honest about what you had done and how doing it had made you feel.  Of course, feeling GOOD about what you did was never an option. So even if you were honest about feeling good, you ceased to be taking responsibility because you werent supposed to feel good about anything, ever.  So it was this sort of ugly black hole that I peered down into every time I was stood up to be confronted.  YOU BETTER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Okay, here goes nothin....

It was the one thing that I found to be truly insane at the time....cause no matter how hard I tried, I could never take responsibility the way I was supposed to in order to keep the staff member from ripping me even more.  I saw it done once or twice, but never while I was standing up.  

Some others were "take a good look at yourself", "apply it to yourself"....

There was also the one act of so-called "clicking" we were allowed to perform sometimes that involved the patting of the back of your hand when you didnt think someone was crying hard enough, yelling loud enough, or...Taking Responsibility, to name a few.  It meant that the person responding was being "pat" or weak.


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