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New articles on the Wiki - propheets and spin-off


We at Spft have decided to create a new page on the Wiki based on the fine work done at the CEDU lingo page.

The new page is called Propheets (CEDU)

Our goal is to provide everyone with a description of the Propheets and the exercises used within them.

However the work will not stop there.

With great help of volunteers we also have a Lifestep page and it is our plan to make some over the workshops used at Carlbrook and Shortridge as well.

When the posters on Anti-wwasp enter the game there will be a page over the seminars used in the WWASP system.

We have found exercises like "The lifeboat" is used several places. Maybe there is more in common between the various seminar systems than the first impression hints.

Second it is now a fact that the Oregon DHS believe that Lifestep is abusive in its nature. For some reason the DHS in Arizona and Utah has a different opinion or just not willpower to investigate.

This is good.  I'll keep a good eye on that page.

RMA Survivor:
Do you think that parents who are sending, or more likely have sent their kids already to a program, might use a search engine to find out what LifeSteps are all about?  I am thinking that once they have a kid in a program, and start hearing the lingo, they might possibly try to learn more, see if information is available on the internet.  And surely with the words used so often on Fornits, they'd also find this place as a reference.  

What irks me is that kids still get placed despite the plethora of available information.  I can't see how a wiki would hurt.  I just hope it helps.  Good idea.


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