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Psy was definitely not abused.

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"detainee" means a person who is detained in a youth training centre or youth residential centre within the meaning of the Children and Young Persons Act 1989


--- Quote from: "Che Gookin" ---I can tell you that Psy probably wasn't physically abused.
--- End quote ---

Many times it is far more damaging to witness abuse.

Michael Crawford aka. "Psy" was mentally unfit.  I saw his files.

Recent poster relating to Michael Crawford,

Whoever you are stay up on this site.   I have started a foundation called the Anti-Defamtion society.  We will be contacting all programs for contributions.  This Che will start using extreme profanity referring to beastiality, homosexuality, and other pornographic topics.  He is a prime target he has made accusations of torture, kidnapping, beastiality and child abuse against many companies.  Please write down our name and look for us we will be seeking contributions.  There are a number of attorney's that will take this site, crawford and whoever else to Federal Court.

Now Mr. Porno mouth tell us what program you were in and how "close" are you to Crawford.  Let this poster really see the filth that you can spray the area with.


--- Quote from: "Michael Crawford mentally unfit." ---Michael Crawford aka. "Psy" was mentally unfit.  I saw his files.
--- End quote ---

Are you interested in helping our society, stay posted, we will have a web site soon Center for Anti Defamation of Professional Youth Workers

We are going to get a seasoned civil rights attorney and who ever donates a certain amount will have access to our strategies and tactics to shut down Michael Crawford's little Fornit Defamers and their overall revenge insurgency against some good folks.

This dirty mouthed little punk Che was afraid of the big bad streets of Redlands, because deep down he is a boob and  yet he uses profanity that his name sake Che Guevara would consider childish.  Keep your conversation going with him he will finally loose it and start talking about having sex with farm animals.  Ursus thinks he cute and admires his cruddy little mouth.


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