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Psy was definitely not abused.

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People you have to realize on thing here.  We are dealing with Sharon M McCarthy from ELAN.  She is upset at psy because another fornit member made a comment about her 8 year old child.  Psy took appropriate action and removed the child's name.  Sharon has been foaming at the mouth ever since.  Previously, she was foaming at the mouth about Danny Bennison.  She also spewed all over fornits about ART.  She will always find someone to vomit on.  Pay no attention to this communist heathen.

May of us are sent to programs, and sign in "willingly". It is really forcible by our parents or whomever! I went to one "willingly". Was it willing? Hell NO! I was told if you don't go, then....
Why, you ask? It was because I am gay. BFD! Yes, I had depression that turned out to be a result of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Was I denied treatment for it? Yes, in the beginning. Did I witness abuse? Gobs of it! Do I still have nightmares? Yes and I wake up screaming everytime!

I spent 9.5 mos being told gay is BAD! Say you are BI, that is better! Huh. WTF? At one point I signed myself out, and they put me on a 72 hour suicide watch. I was not suicidal! I wanted out of that crazy place, but I was not suicidal. I had just had enough! Eventually, my mother was notified and she was appalled. She immediately, told them to lift some of the restrictions or she would sue. She also demanded that the seizure testing be done. I have severe claustrophobia and they had locked me in for 72 hours on Large Lobby. Look at another Timberlawn post.

No one goes in willingly. Abuse is not always physical, but ask all us about our nightmares. Psy is more sane than you can ever hope to be, whoever you are! He is a terrific friend, a decent human, and a brilliant artist! You should learn from him!


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