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Psy was definitely not abused.

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--- Quote ---Psy was definitely not kidnapped , brainwashed or even abused. He actually voluntarily signed himself in as an adult to a rehab program for adults from 18-27. He could of left at any time, as any adult who signs themselves into rehab can do. They might pressure you a bit to stay, that's their job after all, but in the end everybody knows if you are an adult you can leave whenever you want. Psy never went to a program as an adolescent, he was brought on as fornits admin because he wanted to fit in with a group of victims, and had the necessary technical skills to maintain the forum.
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Is this true Psy?

Che Gookin:
You know, the best way to find out is to go to benchmark and ask some of the kids on the sly. Don't be asking for permission or they'll give you a few higher stage kids or trusted ones. Go cruise the ghetto motels of Redlands and sooner or later you'll find a Benchmark kid. Hell, Psy and I found 3 of them in motels for various crimes against the state. I remember one of the hotels being so sketchy looking that I refused to sleep on the bed and opted for the floor.

I can tell you that Psy probably wasn't physically abused. I do know they took their best shot at screwing with his head. The very time I saw Benchmark I can remember expressing my disbelief that it was a program. The place looks like an apartment complex and definitely not a program. I looked over at Psy who was driving and noticed that he was tensed up, freaked out, and not happy to be near the place again. Take a look at the lawsuit papers and you'll see where he talks about the 'friendship' seminar to understand more about the mental abuse that goes on at such programs.

Psy when to benchmark under his own steam as the school promised him and his family all sorts of crapola. They failed to deliver, they later on tried to sue Psy into silence, and they lost hard.

Not everyone is drug to a program kicking and screaming. Not everyone is given a good taste of the face to dirt restraints, not everyone is forced to lay face down on the concrete all day, and nor is everyone shoved into a solitary confinement room called the hobbit. Psy went to the program as an adult, and he did have the choice to leave.

He was given the choice to live homeless on the streets of Redlands California. As his parents weren't up to speed yet on what Benchmark was all about they were under the impression that the best recourse to dealing with their child was threats of being cut off. In the end, his parents saw through the charade of benchmark and they took him home.

Now two things to consider, the very first night we were in Benchmark both Psy and I witnessed a gang fight at a drive through. We were sitting in the drive through getting dinner when it happened right behind us. Further, young men and women who go homeless in Redlands have very few services to draw upon. In a conversation with a member of a local charity group that we approached it became obvious that the homeless in Redlands are shit out of luck for support.

Going homeless in Redlands is a dangerous proposition for someone with no street sense. Psy's a nice kid and fairly smart, but in the end he would have been easy meat for the nearest predator. The city is in the middle of a major drug trafficking corridor and is known for its violence.

I've had my ups and downs with Psy over the years. However, despite our semi-annual headbutting contests I do appreciate the fact that he is around to keep things running. Doing his job as the admin of this more or less un-moderated forum is a thankless task. Doesn't really matter what he does or why he does it as someone is always going to complain.

He must have went to Benchmark for a good reason, yes?


--- Quote from: "He must have went to Benchmark for a good reason, yes?" ---He must have went to Benchmark for a good reason, yes?
--- End quote ---
Not necessarily. Kids have been sent to programs for things like not doing their homework. And some of these places advertise as regular boarding schools.

Why was did he voluntarily go to Benchmark?  He was not abducted or a detainee.


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