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Update on the little Sandpoint story

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I googled the thread I believed was connect with the story I was told by the dispatcher. The boy is now in a nice hospital and what then?

I was shocked when I searched further about this ongoing case.

Now the CEDU-reborn program is hitting on the mother. They actually blame the mother for their own actions.

People who know the CEDU system are very aware that he just was pushed too far during one of the workshops. It is not any fault of the mother or the young man for what it matters. It was the staff who dealt with the situation wrongly. They did choose to ignore the signals he sent them until it became too much and they had to call the police so someone could tazer him so they had an example to show future students.

Now the mother has to trust the staff completely for her boy to be a success in the program. They are bullying her and still she cannot see that the obivious choice is to send him home and install him in a small apartment and say goodbye so he can choose to live the life he want finishing the high school and go on from there.

First it was just misconduct and poor quality of work by the staff. Now it is turning nasty.

From one of the replies in the thread linked above:

"Too bad, even if Dr. U is awesome this does not mean all of his staff is as good as he is, this is impossible."[/list]

Dr. Ulrich, I presume?

try another castle:
Ulrich is one of those guys who needs to have his license taken away. One thousand dollars a day for observation? Are you fucking shitting me?

Matt continues to spiral downwards, new thread

Maybe this young man is institutionalized. Maybe the programs have damaged him, so he cannot handle a life with a lot of options.

If he acts out everytime they introduce the possibility to live in a transition program, they have really failed their treatment.

I wish I could write at this message board without being kicked out, so I could suggest that they get him a small apartment and a job down at the gas station in Sandpoint where he can get woman willing to jump every student and try to handle it from there.

They could kick out of the campus right now or in 10 years. It doesn't alter his chances of making it on his own.

What's this about? I can't make heads or assburgers out of it.


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