Author Topic: CALO Runaway - Tom Riley  (Read 24148 times)

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Re: CALO Runaway - Tom Riley
« Reply #30 on: October 21, 2011, 01:08:04 AM »
Quote from: "Jennifer Michael"
I was in a few programs with Tom, Calo and Midwest Academy, I have been looking for information about what happened to him for a year. He ran away a few months before i did from calo, Thank You to whoever posted is obiturary, I was kept in the dark about what happened to him. He and i were close and i was looking through the cite to see if there were any updates on my parents lawsuit with Ken. Thank you again i would have not known at all if it was not for your post.  I have no words to describe how much i am thankful for this cite knowing all of the information that it does and the dedication that the people who run it have. If anyone knows exactally how he passed i would like to know. Thank you.
      Jennifer Michael
I am so sorry you lost your friend, Jennifer! I am so very sorry that you had to find out in such a seemingly removed venue!

From what I gather, Tom died from an overdose on Christmas day. You could try sending seanc (his uncle) a PM for more details, although I'm not sure how often he logs in...
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