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Whatever you do! Don't marry anyone who was in a program!!!!

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Unless you want them to keep you up all night banging away on their keyboard talking to other losers on fornits.

But seriously.
These people have problems. BIG problems. Like serious psychologicaly issues. Just look at this forum. W>O>W!
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You sure have a lot to say sitting behind a computer screen. and "program kids/parents" can bring a lot to the table
You'd be SO LUCKY to have one of us in your life it's too bad you DONT know what you're missing out on YOU IGNORANT ASS


--- Quote from: "seamus" ---My soon to be ex was never in a program ,and in a real big way, after 15 years STILL doesnt understand jack shit . :(
--- End quote ---

I TAKE IT BACK, she understood how to kick me when I was down. :nods:

goodness ... I was four years in a program.... and my husband and I are going to be celebrating 30 wonderful years together.  this advise doesn't apply to everyone  ...


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