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Whatever you do! Don't marry anyone who was in a program!!!!

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Unless you want them to keep you up all night banging away on their keyboard talking to other losers on fornits.

But seriously.
These people have problems. BIG problems. Like serious psychologicaly issues. Just look at this forum. W>O>W!

try another castle:
My self-hating side would like to say that my wife agrees with you.

But she doesnt.

Im thankful for that. She is the light of my life, and partner to my soul.

Hopefully, you have someone as special in your life.

Shine on.

I gotta say, if my ex had understood more and given me the support I needed I wouldn't have spent all night lookin for it from fellow program vets on the net and he probably wouldn't be my ex.


My soon to be ex was never in a program ,and in a real big way, after 15 years STILL doesnt understand jack shit . :(

try another castle:
Same here, and I think "thank god"

I'd never want her to understand that.

She *does* understand what it's like to have a shitty life, though. (I personally think her teen years were worse than mine.) and neither of us have problems listening to each other bellyache about it.

We are united in our dysfunction.

But then again, we haven't been hitched/engaged/whatever for too long. Im sure there will be plenty of time for the love to die.


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