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Che Gookin:
Caseload Groups- Weekly meeting conducted that include all the kids assigned to a specific therapist.

Typical meetings run about an hour and a half. Normally these group meetings weren't to vocal, but from the reports I've gotten it appears that they have had some very aggressive confrontational meetings at times that have involved kids being put into an escort.

Accountability Groups- These can be called at anytime though staff are encouraged to avoid calling them at night to avoid getting the kids to wound up.

My contact informs me that kids aren't directly encouraged to be aggressive, but it looks good for their program if they are aggressive. Not all of these accountability groups involve screaming and yelling, but most do. Frequently someone ends up crying as a result of the verbal battering they recieve from their groupmates as well.  Leaders at CALO are those who willingly confront their peers for violating the rules.

The group typically decides on a consequence, ussually it involves regroup of some sort, which must be authorized by a therapist. It is not uncommon for a consequence to be added to by a therapist who decides it is to weak for the kid.

More later when I have it.

try another castle:
Questions for your source:

are therapists present during these group sessions? If they are licensed, what is the nature of their license. (MFT, etc)

I know that after I left and they brought in therapists to CEDU, they were kept out of the loop. No raps, no workshops. I got this story verified by a therapist down in running springs, who said that he/she saw the kids a couple of times a week, as well as Dr. Nikki Bush's testimony on Liam's film.

Che Gookin:
I understand that for the CASELOAD groups the therapists run them. Not sure about the rest.

Therapists are only there part time and the kids only get appox. 3 hours a week of "therapy" for $10,000.00 a month.  Therapy involves "how does that make YOU feel"?????????  What a bag of shit.  I think I saw this in a movie inolving Jack NIcolson and noodle salad on the beach.

That is $1,000.00 an hour for a Mormon smoke pole to try and head-shrink according to Ken's psycho-babble voodo snake oil.  CALO is a Mormon Cult.  Just like other shit bags like Heavens Gate and the Manson Family.  I hope Ken and his so called professional staff fries in the Catholic version of Hell.

Maybe we can take the whole Mormon church down with Ken's help.  After all they are known for forcing 14 year olds for having sex with their new husbands of 50 or so years.  We all saw the news and it is well documented what the Mormans do.

Take that Ken,  or take 2 if you like it.

CALO Insider

group therapy in any of these places is a joke anyway. you end up with "trust issues" from all the group think crammed down your throat.


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