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Re: Survivor's Stories
« Reply #15 on: September 27, 2009, 04:39:47 PM »
i am a survivor of growing together a second generation from the original straight. i as well relate to everyone post and stories i spent 38 months there and actually become institutionalized, and constantly was self destructive. it took yrs for me to communicate in the real world after spending my 13 14 15 16 birthdays there i kinda grew up there and i was lost on how the real world worked after everything i went thru and trying to un brain wash.... if anyone is intrested in looking into the horror stories of all our sister programs , im sure we all know about and there was also a article posted in new times titled suffering together, one of many that helped to shut down g.t.

and for those looking into lawers the straights will give u lots of info and how the medical board dis owned that form of rehabilitation and called them a cult, those lil tid bits may be careful. however sembler and newton aare very close with the bushes and while they might settle i dont think we will ever have the pleasure to send them to prison and hurt them like they did us. but i wish you the best of luck
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