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Another Bundy Venture: SHAE'S PLACE In Gallatin

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Well... I guess we can imagine where the money to buy the building came from.

I'm not entirely sure of the exact publication date. It's listed under "this week's stories" although the History page for The Caldwell County News indicates that Rural Living is a "bi-monthly lifestyle magazine." My guess is that it's from August/September 2009, but I could well be wrong.

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A guide to quality living in Northwest Missouri
Rural Living

Shae's Place In Gallatin
A Unique Blend Of Eclectic And Antique With Lots Of Homemade Goodies

It would be a given to walk into a restaurant like Shae’s Place in the River Market in Kansas City.

With its original hardwood floors, stamped tin ceilings and massive staircase with copper accents, the unique  restaurant located just off the square in Gallatin , MO wows its first-time patrons. They're usually amazed at the harmonious blend of antique surroundings with eclectic metal bistro tables. They feel pampered by the youthful but extremely attentive and courteous wait staff.

"This is rural Missouri?" they might even ask at the sight of an honest-to-goodness chef in a white hat in the kitchen.

They're less surprised by the good food that emanates from that kitchen, especially since the homemade breads that Shae’s is becoming famous for originated right here in Northwest Missouri, passed down through the generations of the owner's family.

John and Willa Bundy had originally planned to open just a bread and pastry shop for their daughter, Shae. After graduating from college with degrees in technical writing and web design and marrying Hamilton classmate Bryant Curtis, she planned to make the family bread recipes the cornerstone of the new business.

As father, John Bundy explains, the building they bought seemed to beg for a grander scheme that just a bakeshop. With Willa's vision and attention to decorator details, the business expanded into a restaurant that is quickly evolving into one of Northwest Missouri's premier gathering spots. It features a unique luncheon menu with items named after the Bundy children (Jesse Burgers, for example, are named after their youngest and come in a choice of three sizes with different toppings on a delicious homemade bun).

Customers can enjoy a full salad, soup and dessert bar full of homemade goodies and more family recipes. The noon meal has packed in the customers in this county seat town, even though the Bundys had a "soft opening" a few months ago. They plan a grand opening in September and will give tours of the second story banquet hall. The hall got its first major event when Gallatin High School held its prom there last spring. The massive room can accommodate a few hundred people and boasts a grand piano and a stage for live entertainment. Shae’s Place will even rent out their unique banquet furniture and linens as well as the entire hall for weddings, receptions and business meetings. The exposed brick walls are a perfect backdrop for commemorative photos and John stresses the family atmosphere that is smoke-free and alcohol-free.

The Bundys have a love of North Missouri that causes them to want to give back to the area. Willa grew up in the Jamesport area and John served a full time church mission here in 1976, growing lots of good memories and making many lifetime friends.

When they moved to the area to operate a school for troubled teens, John had a chance to dig into his family history and found that his great-great grandfather, Edmond Nelson, owned a ferry that crossed the Grand River into Adam Ondi-Ahman, so his roots are deeper than just the businesses the Bundys operate.

Restaurant namesake Shae Curtis uses most of her talents in one of the adjacent businesses but sometimes helps out as a substitute baker. She proudly notes that her parents are the owners of the restaurant and that each of the children in the family have made a contribution, even the daughter who is an avid reader, with a reading nook in her honor.

Papa John points just as proudly to Shae, noting, "She is an extraordinary person," with a recently completed musical album featuring her own compositions and selections she plays on the guitar.

The entire family is pleased with seeing people leave Shae's Place happy and full. "People are excited to have something like this," says Shae.

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Here is the website for Shae's Place:


--- Quote ---It features a unique luncheon menu with items named after the Bundy children (Jesse Burgers, for example, are named after their youngest and come in a choice of three sizes with different toppings on a delicious homemade bun).
--- End quote ---

Wonder if they named anything after the kid they killed?

This is just gag making really. Guess you can't expect them to actually crawl in a hole and die, but it is always galling to see evil prosper.


--- Quote ---With Willa's vision and attention to decorator details...
--- End quote ---
I heard she did a Halloween theme for the basement of Thayer, where the boot camp kids stayed... complete with real live creepy crawlers to lend an air of authenticity to the surrounds...

Wow. That is ridiculous. You I mean. Is this really what you spend your time doing? Going around following the latest gossip? If you are so worried about troubled teens what have you done to help them in besides shut down programs dedicated to taking them in? I would like to see the statistic on how many kids die on the streets everyday or from drug overdoses. That number is staggering. And you choose to spend your days tearing apart people who are trying to break he vicious cycle of our governments so called juvenile "corrections" program. The success rate in juvi is actually negative. It creates criminals and wounds children. You don't know ANYTHING about the student who died at that school. It's all hearsay. We don't know if he was a drug lord from California that came so doped up his chances of living at TLC, on the streets, or in a cushy hospital room were slim to none anyway. Let's consider public schools. How many deaths a year do we see there? It's amazing that people like you, if you are so "concerned" aren't tackling the people in this country who are actually abusing children.

My suggestion to you would be to educate yourself on the matter because you look like an idiot.


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