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Che Gookin:
GI Joe, The Rise of Cobra


Worst movie I've seen in a long time. I seriously think the government should ban it to prevent a mass spread of suicides.

State of Play


One thumb's up for being semi-interesting if not a little predictable. Lots of good Washington DC intrigue and so forth. It is definitely a wait for DVD kind of movie though.

try another castle:
Yeah, GI Joe seems to rank right up there with Catwoman and Elektra. I never saw the latter, but as for the former, it was on AMC (AMC??) and my fiancee and I decided to watch it for a laugh. Oh my god, it was bad. It had its moments of laugh-inducing ridiculousness, but not nearly enough to earn it a "so bad its good" award. We couldnt sit through the whole thing.

Incidentally, Halle Barry accepted her Golden Raspberry award for worst actress in person, at the awards ceremony. Only two other actors did such a thing, Tom Green, for Freddy Got Fingered, and Paul Verhoven for Showgirls. (one of the best movies ever made.)

Che Gookin:
Well you did get to see that one girl from saved by the bell titties.

Kingdom of Heaven, director's cut.

Worth a see as it includes a couple new scenes including some good background about Siballya's child.

Deer Hunter..

wtf... bored me out of my skull.

try another castle:

--- Quote ---Deer Hunter..

wtf... bored me out of my skull.
--- End quote ---

weird story...

they used to play some of the songs from the score as house music at RMA. When I finally saw the flick, I was like "WTF? They used music from the motherfucking DEER HUNTER to calm us down?"

Che Gookin:
Ironic similarity between the ending of Deer Hunter with Christopher Walken shooting himself in the head and CEDU imploding due to a 30 million dollar lawsuit.


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