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after being forced into treatment  everyone deserves to say whatever they need to work out their problems.  I am providing a public service so poor little abused children will be able to express their love of raping children and if you don't like it log off!

--- Quote from: "Miss Antsy Pam" ---Thanks Ginger!!!   You are correct about the sheer volume of posts.  I am having a hard time finding anything I am looking for... :shamrock:
--- End quote ---

No problem we are here to help.  Below is an index of recent posts to help your search efforts.

page 1)  Child rape fantasies

Page 2)   Eric the beer rape fantasies

page 3)  Murder and rape of libby fantasies

page 4)  murder and rape of art barker fantasies

page 5) whining and crying about kidpnapping

page 6) murder and rape fantasies

If this wasn't what you were looking for Ursus, just ask. We are here to help!

Well it is just as bad as idiots flooding for making fun of education, so get over it, seems the seedlings can and will never fight fair, because it is is fighting that's all, if you stop Stack, then you need stop all in here, every last soul, so either ignore posts and the Stones , lets not forget the KIPNAPPING, lol. Little hint if I was all,I would start chatting about what could be done to stop such places  from opening up, maybe getting new laws so children will not have to go through such pain in their lives. Just think none of this would be going on, if it was not for a drunk/ comedian, opening up such sick hell holes.  Now I do hope all have a lovely day today. P.S., you are the fools to respond back to him. :bump:  :flip:  :rose:

Hey susan we know things about your clan.  Maybe someone as perverted and disqusting as your poor crazy demented brother will start posting sexual fantasies about hurting and raping them.  How will you like that?  What will be your reaction?  You sure you want to keep supporting his actions here? You really think it is other people's fault for his behavior because they respond?   Grow up little girl.

ps...Libby is behind you.   BOO!

All the Benjamen's, and all the eriksouls, and all the boring fat women that lurk a chat room , only make me laugh,so to answer you fille, bring it all on, I loved tearing a hole in your bums in that chat room, and I will so tear it up in here as well, so bring all your clowns in here so I can show each soul in here who the molesters really are out there, you are nothing but trash, have always been, how is Benjamin doing fille, he as fat as ever, he moved yet, does he not have like 15 days to move  or something? What else have you been doing with self fille, besides following people around all day, go spell check something, you still have a dictionary sitting next to you, so you look like you are smart???? Bring it on bitch, you are nothing but a fat bitch sitting in Australia is all. Med Heads peed the bed blamed it on the chat room. :roflmao:


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