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no diffrent then anyone else
« on: July 24, 2009, 11:02:51 AM »
Re: a Program saved my Life

Postby Guest 22 Jul 2009, 15:48

Guest wrote:If you are a parent calling someone gay, shows what type of a parent you are, may you be restrained one day against your will, may someone hold you down and squeeze ever so hard, may your face be held in the dirt that you lay under, goes to show you how many parents could care less about their kids and how those places are used for parents to just dump their kids off at, so they can go on with their pathetic lives.

    Good point
    ...... and if you are a kid I hope you grow up someday and have a child who is struggling with similar issues. I hope your kid disrespects you, leaves needles all over the place so that your other kids are constantly being pricked by them and being exposed to all kinds of diseases. I further hope your kid drops out of school and sits home all day trashing your house while you work and tells you to fuck off when you get home. You would be a hypocrite if you admitted that your kid needed help or needed to place the kid in any type of program so you suck it up and take the abuse from your own child , in your own home, while the siblings become permanently damaged by their sisters/brothers abuse of the HIV infested household. Your other children become so damaged by the environment that they drop out of school too and your neighbors generate a petition to have you evicted and DSS finally swoops in and removes your kids. You are left alone as a failed parent who was so stubborn that you didnt get help for your child that you lost them all, was let go from your job because you spent too much time trying to cover up for your families failings and finally evicted from your drug infested house. You will spend the rest of you life enraged thinking that if you only listened to the professionals advice instead of those fucking idiots on fornits who told you all programs are ineffective and you should just let your kids ride it out and everything will be fine.

You people need learn what it was like to be in one of those places, and I for one could care less how people express themselves, just do not think the abused are going to be quiet anymore, if all can not handle that, well then do not read their posts, its so simple, the arguing is nothing more then typing, as far as anyone having addresses and all , the idiots that kept others locked up and  forced against their will had their information all those years  , so I personally find it funny that now the victims have their addresses, its a one did to another thing, it happens in a real world, so anyone that does not like  the bullshit can leave, because that's all it was was bullshit being in one of those places, I for one hope anyone that opens up one of these dreadful places, hope it backfires anytime at them, more sooner then later, victims all have a right to act out in any way they want, it is their life, as it was the abusers, so all grow up, because their are thousands of stacks out their, and putting your children in those types of places make many more stacks. I pray I see all of you in a court room soon. :twofinger:
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