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This is Gregfl.  I originated this forum at the suggestion of Ginger many years ago.

I just am coming in to make a few comments.

This forum was conceptualized as a place where people could come and discuss this topic, this very divisional and controversial topic, in a manner that they could be heard.  It didn't matter what side of the issue they took, I provided a forum where people could discuss this topic safely. I deleted names, except the staff who allowed themselves to be named in the national media, and protected everyone else's identity the best I could due to the nature of the topic.   To this end no personal attacks were allowed  and for many years the forum thrived. We had escapees, staffers, graduates, and Barker insiders calling each other, talking out issues, and many people found peace and  understanding on these pages.

Several years ago my daughter became seriously ill and I abandoned moderating this forum.  For most the forum had kind of run its course and we old farts had resolved our issues and most of us had even come to respect each other no matter what side of the issue we were on. Most of us had  come to understand we were just children when this thing called the seed happened to us and that we no longer had to view it from the eyes of a child.  I had hoped the forum would continue without me  as kind of a resource for people who hadn't been fortunate enough to be around this forum in its formative and productive years. (to anyone concerned, my daughter is doing fantastic now!)

Unfortunately the forum is now being trolled by people with an agenda.  When a forum gets trolled, the 'goodness' gets lost, shouted down and buried under muck.  In this case, the debates, the resolution, the intellectual conversations, the ability to see where and why others think as they do, and  the coming to terms for many people is lost under juvenile anger, countless logins, profanity and nonsense.  

I offer no apology for this because I am not responsible for it.  If I still was, I wouldn't let it happen.   To anyone reading, please look at the prior condition of this forum as kind of a seperate discussion and I think you will find it enlightening and usefull.  To do this, you have to wade thru a proverbial bucket of crap for a glass of water, but the good things are still here.

If I was able I would shut it down and just archive the old pages.  I offer my support for those being attacked now and my assurance that if I was still moderating this forum it would not be occuring.

To all my friends still posting or reading, I wish you all well.

The name of the forum invites purging.

It is a necessary function of getting past the horror of acknowledging I was forced into that place in the first place and knowing how its mere existence spawned evil so horrid , it pales to Stacks fiction.

At 16, I HATED the seed, at 52, I am disgusted that their torture, fraud, lies, theft and other crimes against humanity were allowed to exist.

The seed was an an example of the purist form of con.

Addicts telling children what to do. Fucking heroin addicts.

All you former staff FUCK YOU, you were then now and still are junkies, pure and simple.

Shame on you for hurting children, shame, shame, shame.

If this is a contrary observation, enlighten me. I'd love to know why you bought into the circus sideshow.

And do not dare tell me the pat answer that "you were helping kids" because you were not.


EDIT: This post was a commentary to former staff and was not intended as a rebuttal to the OP, sorry if he took it that way.

Perhaps you should seek a therapist to deal with this. Anger and rage at age 52 for things that happened to you 40 or so  years ago doesn't work and maybe a professional can help you deal with it.  You are slinging anger at people that aren't listening and/or don't care about  what you say because your message is juvenile and silly and downright counterproductive. Your communication is totally ineffective.

Your obession with Libby is unhealthy.  The things she "did" happened to her as well.  She was a child when she was put in the seed.  Do you know how she feels about her involvement with the seed  today?  Of course not.  But you choose to put people's names and address's on a website and assume that these people haven't changed at all in the last 40 years.  

  All you have managed to do here is make this forum unusable for everyone but yourself.   Maybe purging online in this forum  is working for you ( I doubt it, it seems the anger is picking up, not going away) , but for everyone else you are making a mess and ruining this forum.  A forum BTW that has helped hundreds of people come to terms with The Seed and how it affected their lives. At this point, anyone now who logs on looking for answers is proabably going to think anti-program people are all angry children that shouldn't be listened to, and they will be scared to participate because they won't want some nut looking up their personal information and posting it on a website.

You should log off the computer and go away.  Your participation is hurting you.

Just sayin.

Johnny G:
Thanks Greg

I found the dialog helpful in resolving many of the issues, and reconnected with several people I knew then;

Now I see what a job it must have been

Glad to hear your daughter is doing better;

Thanks Johnny.


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