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« on: July 16, 2009, 12:51:21 PM »
a plea

Postby justonemore » 13 Jul 2009, 19:52
to who it may concern this is a plea there is talk of a class action suit, many years late, i might add, regarding the seed. this thing goes very far and wide and is very very serious.. yet i find little mention of the dade county seed, tropical park, et al, the whole enchilada.. i am distressed and offended by recent posts which are nothing but adolescent obscenity directed at those who were our captors.. these days , rather than seeing the 'cult mindset' recede, i see it bloom. and a poisonous bloom it is. ginger, greg, those who were, and who are, and who got out front...please take the lead again... i myself have some knowledge, so please let us know, establish a secure forum, if we can end it, or at least ding it, let us know stripe, you're included,( warrant, you got issues, wouldn't have served with you wouldn't have fought with you, wouldn't have trusted you,, and i have served with some truly great men, fought with them and for them) a complaint regarding the confirmation codes... they're very hard to read.


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Re: a plea

Postby Guest » 10 minutes ago
Justice is right around the corner, the seed was and still is a horrible place, sometimes it does take years for something to finally break silence among people that were hurt in horrible ways that even a human soul could not understand. Time also heals, and I hope as myself, all start opening up to heal themselves as well, what happen to all in that place should be set free, so that maybe parents will stop putting their kids in such danger, a lot of lives have been harmed,and many no longer are with us because of places as this, so open up, set your souls free, give back to the staff and those fools what they so gave to you, no time is late for healing, and if you were young like me, you no longer have to hide, you will find by sharing that many feel like you, all the staff back then still know and act out daily as they did back then, help save another child like yourself , keep posting and contacting so that the criminals of the past are brought to justice, remember everything, write it down if need, just open up, and tell your story, even if you want to stay nameless. You could not help yourself back then when you were forced to sit for hours a day, but you sure could help someone else now, PEACE, and do not be afraid. All staff members and anyone assisting Art Barker, is guilty of many crimes, and crime is crime does not matter how long ago, and being old does not clear them of wrong doing, open up people, Peace always! :peace:
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