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My Straight Inc. Story


My name is Brian Dodd. You may know me as "Animals-All-of-Us" from several months ago in some chat rooms.

I spent three years at Straight Incorporated 85 - 1989.

My victim witness statement is on file at the Pinellas County Police Station. Ray and Marty and other survivors tried to get Catania & Catania law firm to take a class-action suit against financiers of Straight Inc, though I still don't believe certain survivors are for real or if they are, they sold out.

When I first started chatting and meeting with active survivors, I began really flipping out because I was just starting to remember what happened to me at Straight Inc. The things I began remembering got worse and worse, flashbacks and nightmares started up again. So you would see me at some of the survivor protests and I would act out of line, or I would start harassing people in chat rooms. Later I began chasing down Melvin Sembler at his job (a mistake, by the way). My criminal record and domestic civil records speaks for me when it comes to violence. Those child / adults who were in Straight with me have similar records for violence, weapons, harassment, domestic issues, and general records depicting the training and treatment we received in Pinellas Park Straight Inc.

Myself, and possibly someone else, got one host home dad, who still advocates Straight, to change his Straight involvement information on his company website.

In the last three years a Florida judge has awarded me with temporary SSDI for the obvious; PTSD and BiPolar Disorder. Without this money, I would be homeless and destitute, though I still frequently come close to the edge. The doctors and counselors notes, which helped me get SSDI, all say the same thing (what you'd expect); that I had / have suicidal thoughts, I am violent and very strangely harassing toward everyone I come in contact with, it is near impossible for me to keep jobs and difficult for me to concentrate for long periods of time, I hate people and I don't get along with or trust anyone at all, and I fight too much. These counselors state I still suffer from some Traumatic Amnesia because of the horrible events at Straight that I closed out of my mind.

Straight Incorporated sued my mother, Mary Anne Ford, when she was too broke to pay. If you look at Fred Collins v. Straight Inc, and other suits against Straight Inc, and other testimonies and blogs about Straight, you will see my statements and history are similar to everyone else who went through that program. Not everyone was restrained or spat on or beaten to within an inch of their life, that all our incidents have common threads of abuse and negligence - at the very least - from Straight. Even graduates of the program have tell their gut sense that something was just not right about that place.

I've taken the last three years and wrote a WGA / copywritten manuscript about Straight Inc, for whatever my violence is worth. You can join our Facebook group if you like:

Anonymity: The History of Straight Incorporated.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am loud and that I am essentially, temporarily, nuts, and they may say I still seek overwhelming revenge and justice for what was done to my family and me. I wish those things never happened at Straight and, more, I wish to be whole. Because staff, oldcomers, and my parent repeatedly held me against my will, and because I saw other kids being brutalized or I knew some didn't have drug addictions; I let more than 24 people go during my time at Straight. Helping kids cop-out is why I got set back so much and stayed so long at Straight, that and because I was too weak to fight and because I have never been addicted to or abused drugs.

Lastly, Ray didn't close Straight.

Hey Brian,
    Good to see you're still kickin'. Hope things are alright and getting better for you. Be well.




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