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Barker, The Pedophile
« on: June 28, 2009, 03:52:42 AM »
Barker is a racist, paranoid schizophrenic. It's obvious in all of his words and  actions.

In an article written in the St. Petersburg Times, 12.16.73, Barker called the Mayor of Miami, Adolf Hitler, because the Mayor wanted the Seed out of Miami.

Miami's Mayor said Barker amounts to nothing more than a pathetic man who babbles in "paranoid ravings."

One educator said - "I think Barker is a dangerous menace - a man who is playing with children's minds and turning them away from healthy growth processes and that's how Hitler youth corps took over Germany."

So, who is the failed Hitler? Miami's mayor or Barker?


One parent said "I don't care what Barker is doing to those kids at the Seed."

That was the big problem, and caused so many problems to young minds. Parents didn't care! Which is generally why they turned to drugs, and resented them.


Barker's father was an alcoholic. He IS an alcoholic. Libby Barker was a drug addict. She "claimed" to be a heroin addict.

Neither has any education.

Are these people who parents should to "save kids."

Barker's criminal past.
1) Burglary.
2) Assault and robbery.

He was a homeless wreck, and his wife of twenty-days left him. His only friend was a dog!

He also was a chain smoker, hence that toxic, smoke filled Seed environment, that kids had to endure.

How many kids who had developing lungs ended up with some form of cancer, or bronchitis because of his total ignorance, and lack of any health standards?

We won't even get into that deplorable excuse he called food.

Barker joined AA because his life was so low, that it couldn't possibly get any lower.


Barker is the classic model of a pariah. When he opened the Seed, he sunk much deeper in his self-loathing, and importance, which was lacking his entire life, along with any semblance of any level of education.

When he was a "comedian" he boasts of being sensational. Yet, I have searched archives, and never found any article laying claim to him being anything at all, but a stand-in for no shows. In fact, no writer has ever written about his "entertainment" career.

Barker had two non-speaking two-bit roles in very bad, bad, bad, no-budget films.


Barker had a life-long "dream" of helping others.

Since he thought he was Jesus, perhaps he should take Jesus' words to hear... Physician, heal thyself!!!!

Barker is a worm, a gross, worm of a soulless and inept poor excuse of a human being, who used fraud and intimidation to get what he wanted - Congressional financing for his "model" drug program.


Barker claims he came to Miami - "ONE YEAR EARLY for a contract he had at the Playboy Club, as a comedian. He claims it was a comeback!

It's more like a has been that never had been.

Get real Barker, you delusional, and maniacal loser!

You came to Miami because it was better to be homeless in the warm weather of Miami, than the cold and heartless streets of New York.

Barker had NO contract, and one certainly doesn't come ONE YEAR EARLY on a contract. Translation, you were an out-of-work loser, with no education. You were an alcoholic. You headed south to Florida, like all other northern losers, pedophiles, and serial killers, like Ted Bundy. To hide!

If Barker was truly an "entertainer" as he so often touted, he would have gone where the pros go - West, to Los Angeles, or remain in New York. Entertainers DON'T go to Miami.

Barker was a homeless bum in Miami, and the manager of the Playboy Club stated, Barker was only used as a stand-in. That means, if someone cancelled Barker was a "last minute" choice.

Barker words things, like he was a success. Clearly, he was always delusional and dishonest.

He lays claim to having a mail order degree in Psychology. There is no record of this as being fact.

I liken the statement to a line from The Grapes Of Wrath. "You just send away for the book from this clipping from the magazine, and you're a radio engineer!

Barker was not educated, and he certainly wasn't important. But, like all of us, he wanted to be something. But everything he tried failed. Especially, the Seed. That IS his biggest failure.

But Barker is well-practiced at making it sound like it is his success story.

Ask Congress that denied further funding, and the state of Florida that took away his license, for fraud, brainwashing children, and forcing kids that never had done drugs to state - and in some cases, believe they had.

Clearly after all these years, Barker is a failure. His 90% success rate claim was never substantiated. It too, like all things Barker, were made up from thin air. However, his success claim would include 9 year old kids forced into the program that were KNOWN NOT to have ever done any drugs. But, the con-man coined a new term -- Not a drug user? Then you have a "druggy attitude" - AT NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD, and must be placed in the program, because you WILL be a drug user.

My 9-year-old cousin Lisa was one of those "druggy attitudes."

Bitter Barker said, the industry treated him like a, "demented child - a man with a tattoo and no degree.

No respect from you own peers? Turn to spin. Turn to the parents, who have no education in such matters, and no knowledge of your perverted and criminal background.

One great quote from the St. Petersburg article - "Barker uses peer pressure on teenagers who are BELIEVED to be on drugs."

No 4th Amendment rights, no due process, no hearing. Just a belief. A hog-tying, a kidnapping, and freedom removed, in a post-war gulag camp. Much like the witches in Salem, Barker caused the death of untold teens. But, his "choice" method was suicide. Some murdered their own parents. with life-long relationships destroyed. Families destroyed, trust destroyed. Forever.

So, like "Jesus," Barker came to bring a sword, to make war, to divide families, husbands from wives, fathers from sons.

Profit for the self-titled prophet.

Donated housing, endless grants, and donations.

New Cadillacs, the latest fashion, the best restaurants. All at the expense of others.


Pride always comes before the fall.

How prophetic!

Barker said, "If the Seed doesn't become a model program - the youth will crawl off and die, and it'll be a whimpering kind of death."

The Seed is gone. Forced out. It never became the model program, but was ousted by Congress, which called it a North Korean style gulag camp that used brainwashing techniques, fear and intimidation, that had been used on war savvy soldiers, who were trained for psychological assaults. 9. 11. 13. 14. 16 year old children were not.

The Seed made straight kids lie and say they had done drugs, when in fact, they never had. The Seed made kids rat on other kids, saying things like they saw another "Seedling" talking to druggies at school.

There were never investigations, or questionings, into such serious breaches of "Seed" rules.

The accused was grabbed, thrown in the front of the group, tied up, if needs be, and verbally assaulted until the teen broke down entirely. Then they were forced to start over. Back to the hell of day one!

Barker wanted to have a Seed in, Dallas, Atlanta, Tennessee, the entire country. The entire planet.

Thank God, he failed miserably!

Barker was a failed comedian that finally obtained his "captive" audience. Much like Kim Jong-il of North Korea. Jong-il's captive audience have been kidnapped actors, and directors from south Korea and Japan. Some managed to escape.

Barker's captive audience was children. Helpless kids, forced out of their homes, to live with other brainwashed children, and to endure 12 hour days in one chair. And sleepless nights of performing "moral inventories."

Despite the countless number of kids that jumped through plate glass windows in an attempt to escape, countless that chose to return to jail, instead of remaining at the seed, countless that ran away from home, like my 13 year old sister - who never returned. Nobody ever acted, until Congress finally investigated, but by then, thousands of children's lives were destroyed.

Despite the escape of many Seedlings, the psychological torture lingers for many. Even after 30-35 years.

But, like all "entertainers," the grease lights fade, the paint withers, the make-up reveals a withering frail old man, whose audience abandoned him.

Barker stated he wasn't in it to be liked, and he wasn't in it for the money. Yet, the Seed made him a millionaire. Money he was to use for his program, ended up in his pocket. His claim to be in it to "save kids" is a hollow one. Barkers, worn out and shabby montra, died a slow death, and became obvious over time -- just another false prophet, whose rantings never became a reality.

In the St. Petersburg article when Barker's false and fraudulent "claim" of a 90% success rate, was questioned, Barker threatened the person, by asking him his name and where he worked. When Barker discovered the man worked for the State of Florida Drug Abuse Program, Barker lied, citing the National Institute of Mental Health, as his source. The NIHM told the Times that they had never assessed the success rate of the program.

Barker's paranoia and self-importance claims that the drug culture -- as if it is an agency, cartel, or organization was "out to get him! His paranoia ran so deep that he told the Times that the Seed is guarded, and his office windows are bricked up against bullets.

What a pathetic and sad little man.

The truth is, like a communist regimes in Berlin, and North Korea, it was NOT guarded to keep people from coming in. It was a prison camp, that kept people from getting out. Any Seedling knows that to be fact.

Barker, "The pushers are scared to death about the HONESTY of the Seed."

The Seeds Number one rule was "Honesty is the best policy."

Yet, Barker's staff were trained to lie to authorities, and Barker himself lied to get anything he wanted.

Some of Barker's lies:

"Undercover narcotics agent came to us and told us - they'd plant heroin on us and see to it that we were thrown in jail."

"Druggies throw drugs on the Seed ground to try and get Seedlings arrested."

"Jesus said, you can't be a prophet in your own town."

Barker is a tiny fat, bald, fraud, as close to a Hitler as a man can get. And like Hitler he leaves a history of scorn and ridicule. Barker was never a Jesus, or a PROPHET.

He devised a paranoid scheme for PROFIT.

Why someone never murdered him -- I will never know. Perhaps, it was those bricked up windows that "saved him."

In the state of Florida, Ted Bundy is not responsible for as many murders, and suicides as Barker.
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