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--- Quote ---me: hey want to do an Interview?
XXXXXXX: yes i can do a interview
ME: ok.. question 1
ME: Can you remember one specific incident where a kid wasn't trying to hurt himself/herself or another?
ME: Where did it happen?
XXXXXXX: outside in the parking lot
XXXXXXX: a student was being playful and threw a snowball @ staff
ME: The parking lot is visible from the road?
XXXXXXX: that staff put her in a pcs hold immediately
 XXXXXXX: not really
XXXXXXX: its very hilly down into their facility and somewhat reclusive
ME: ok.. so let me get this straight.
ME: A young lady threw a snow ball at a staff member and was immediately put in a hold?
XXXXXXX: yes that is correct
XXXXXXX: she was being playful and laughing and in no way being harmful to the staff
ME: Did the staff member give her any sort of verbal warning?
XXXXXXX: i believe so , but was also followed with a direct PCS hold
XXXXXXX: she ended up with more injury then he did by her throwing a snowball at him
ME: The girl wasn't given a chance to follow the verbal directive?
ME: What did the hold consist of?
XXXXXXX: i can tell you of another incident where a female student was threatened to be put in a PCS hold just because she asked for a pair of socks , they made her wear socks to sleep in at night as her THerapist claimed she was self harming
ME: We'll get to that.
ME: first things first.
ME: what did the hold consist of?
XXXXXXX: the bent wrist hold and take down
XXXXXXX: obviously her face hit the ground as evidenced by the fact of how bad it cut up her face and nose
ME: ok.. when the staff moved in to do the bent wrist did it look like that hold posted on fornits?
ME: the one taught by the Flordia department of Public Safety?
XXXXXXX: except her face was torn up over it as it was on snow outside and concrete
ME: Did the young girl resist?
XXXXXXX: i don't think she did
XXXXXXX: as far as the technique they use at calo i don't think anyone is well " TRAINED " as they claim
ME: Even if she did resist does PCS call for an immediate take down to the ground?
XXXXXXX: you know the guy ( staff ) was twice her size i can't see any reason for him taking her down to begin with  he was not in a situation where he could have possibly felt threatened by this event
ME: But does PCS call for an immediate take down to the ground if being resisted?
XXXXXXX: yes sure
XXXXXXX: and  more staff would be called to get in on the dog pile ( figure of speech)
ME: ok, does the takedown require that the student be brought down in a manner that doesn't cause harm to the them?
XXXXXXX: thats like asking if talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous , they can say one thing but in my opinion i was not seeing what they said practiced ( if that makes sense )
ME: I understand that, but I'm asking for a reason.
ME: Does PCS require the students be brought down gently?
ME: to avoid injury?
XXXXXXX: you know honestly i don't think anyone cares if the student would get harmed by the take-down so i guess i would say no to that question as after all the judgment is in the hands of the person doing the take down and very little emphasis is put on the gentleness of not harming the student in their training
ME: Ok so in training no emphasis is put on the kids being brought down safely?
ME: Who conducts these trainings?
XXXXXXX: caleb cottle
XXXXXXX: he is also their recreational leader
ME: And he makes no emphasis on bringing them down gently?
ME: Does he put any emphasis on avoiding a hold by verbally talking the student down before?
XXXXXXX: he claims the technique is efficient to bring them down apparently and not much thought obviously goes into if a staff decides to do it on pavement , broken glass ect.
ME: no i had a student tell me that is one thing she also hated about calo is they give the kids no chance to be talked down
XXXXXXX:ok.. So tell me about this other restraint involving socks
XXXXXXX: as they do in some of the other programs she HAD attended
XXXXXXX: well this particular student HER therapist had given explicit directive she had to wear socks to sleep in ( as claimed she was self-harming )
ME: ok.
ME: i can see how that might help her not catch a cold....
ME: err.. anyway.
XXXXXXX: she asked for a different PAIR of socks ( as the ones they gave her made her feet sweat at night )
ME: ok.
ME: and then what happened?
XXXXXXX: I heard staff tell her if NO she could not have a different pair of socks and if she kept on about it ---- they would put her in a PCS hold
ME: ok.
XXXXXXX: no questions asked
ME: ok, well that’s a bit psycho.
ME: I have more questions, but I have to go right now.
ME: so can I post this material up?
XXXXXX: I doubt it will follow me home
ME:: Are you sure?
XXXXXX: hold on let me read it, yeah go ahead and post it.
ME: Thanks, bye.

--- End quote ---

this interview was modified and redacted to protect the identities of the participants.

Who is Caleb Cottle and where does he live? Can charges be brought against him or himself sued personally?


--- Quote from: "Guest" ---Who is Caleb Cottle and where does he live? Can charges be brought against him or himself sued personally?
--- End quote ---

Caleb Cottle: Recreational Therapy Supervisor/ Residential Coaches Supervisor.  He is the PCS (Positive Control Systems) instructor at CALO.  Staff utilize restraints based from "bent wrist control and variations" that is part of the PCS model.  Caleb Cottle worked at West Ridge Academy an abusive program.

hmm good info. Thank you to you and your source. It pains me to see how common and accepted a lack of concern for the welfare of the children is in the troubled teen industry, It's so effin backwards!


--- Quote from: "Ken Huey" ---No, we do not use provoking techniques meant to force a teen to attach with us.
--- End quote ---

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