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Putting Newton in the hotseat


I've just discovered that Newton (aka Father Cassian) has sent at least one of his cult members to Jonah Paffhausen of the American Orthodox Church for additional "counseling."  Newton really promotes Jonah, who was just named Metropolitan of the church this year (like being a small pope). Due to media scrutiny from a prior scandal with the last Metropolitan, Jonah is trying very hard to keep his image squeaky clean.

If you would like to put Newton in bad standing with his favorite leader than please write to Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen and enlighten him about your experiences with "Father Cassian."  

Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen
PO Box 675
Syosset, NY 11791-0675

or for a less formal approach, you can email him at:
[email protected]

I sent a letter...........and I encourage all of Newton's victims to do the same.

Just remember to be sure to reference "Father Cassian" as no one in the church knows him as Miller Newton.  And if you want to give Jonah a reminder you can specify these details:

When:January 24th , 2009
Where:The Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Fort Lauderdale
Who: A known Newton cult member
What: The cult member in front of a large crowd spoke of how "Father Cassian" sent him to Jonah for counseling and how much he and Cassian appreciated Jonah's help

For a bit of background, Metropolitan Jonah is the head of the Orthodox Church of America.  Newton is part of the Antiochian Orthodox Church.  They are all incestuously related kinda like what STRAIGHT is to SAFE or KIDS.

I know this has also been brought up before, but feel free to also email or contact Newton's direct bosses:

Bishop Antoun (Bishop of the Miami and the Southeast) and Metropolitan Philip (for all of North American) can both be reached at the following address:

358 Mountain Road
PO Box 5238
Englewood, NJ 07631-5238

You can also try these emails, though I suspect they are just sent to a slush pile.
Bishop Antoun: [email protected]


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