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The Academy in Oregon and Fiji - what is known about them?

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The academy - homepage

Do we have any info about this program?

i called the 100 # and got put through to tricia who lives in fiji. I claimed that I was calling from great britian. The "Kid" was fifteen, male, and binge drinking. No proof of drugs (The kid is likely to be doing them) No drop in grades (I was assured that they will)

Was advised that they do not run the Oregon school anymore ( I think it is a brightway style holding pen for american kids) Has the same levels as wwasp but interestingly not the parent seminars. Was told it took a month to get to level 2 when the kid can call home. Kid could write as much as poss to mum and dad but all other letters go through the family because "kids can lie & manipulate"

Claimed that they had been running for 9 years & got regular visits from the American and Australian (sounds like bullshit to me) embassy where the staff have lunch with the kids & the occasional game of football etc. Claimed embassy staff were on a first name basis with the kids.
Says the kids are mainly American expats but that they also have kids from Australia (I said I was british) The UK and Asian places like Hong Kong.
Says they are opposed to corporal punishment and only restrain when kids are a danger. In fact the exact words were "Boys will be boys if they jostle we pull them apart"
When asked about food they said they don't over feed kids because "It might be different where you are but a lot of American kids are fat" then backpeddalled a million miles & said their staff are large figian men who find the food more than adequate. Said kids are made to eat 70% of what is on their plate.
Uses the same language and level system as wwasp but is a little more warm and fuzzy but then could have just been responding to the dynamics of the conversation. Claimed nobody loved the kids more except for the parents.
Claimed the school offered Rugby, soccer and snorkelling as well as when they got to snr levels horseriding and deep sea diving.
So i called the australian hig commission in figi & they have never heard of this place or visited it. I called the us embassy but they were closed for the day there. The only place the aussies had heard of was
As you can see it is an ordinary day school for the kids of expats living there.

Us embassy girl advised she was not sure who she would need to speak to ( i get the feeling i was speaking to someone pretty Junior) but that there is no school in figi that they do regular visits to American or otherwise. Obviously the person from this school is lying but I dont know for sure if they are associated with wwasp or if they just copied their ideas

From the photos taken by a parent who visited his son on Fiji in 2007 we have been able to locate the location of the academy.

The political system in this country is unstable as far as we can find out. I don't know how many they can detain at this facility, but the embassy should take a look into what is going at this place.

I googled the phone number with Patricia Thomas, and got struggling teen help - in Saint George Utah. Yep - I recon it is WWASP but the campuses are new - Oregon and Fiji are not old schools they've re-opened under new names.
1933 Observation Circle
Saint George, UT
[email protected]

I guess the Fiji place is the new Tranquility Bay / Paradise Cove.


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