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Why on Brooke Sheilds mother


Several years ago our daugher was out of control. She was dating behind our back and refused to do chores, so we sent her to a program. There were some things we did read in the contract due to the small print, but she wasn't hurt in some way and are now living a productive life. Even today I believe that it saved her life. She could have ended up in jail or worse, if we hadn't intervened.

Last year we had an accident with our car and needed her care. Instead she checked us into Abu Grihab Nursing Home where we reside now. It is not a picnic.

Among the few magazines we are allowed is People Magazine and there I saw the story about Brooke Shields mother who was freed from her nursing home by journalists.

Why can they not free me. Currently I am on speaking ban with my wife and while it is some degree of a blessing, it is also fustrating.

Hello Media. I have a story to tell. Please drive up and check me out. Help!


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