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We need to jump back onto this website/ database project.

I think we left off on the individual websites per school project, and research for compiling a TTI data base.

Where are we at with this? Are we ready to send our information in so that we can start designing the website that will house the database? I have a web programmer willing to write the php once we have compiled our resources.

Please feel free to contact me via PM if you are wary about this sub-forum being open to the public.

In what way would the TTI-database be different than the Wiki-database?

^^^ I was wondering the same thing.


--- Quote from: "Oscar" ---In what way would the TTI-database be different than the Wiki-database?
--- End quote ---

I think they were looking to build a more factual database,  The wiki is fine but it was set up more as a narrative parody (i.e. Detainees, gulags, kidnappings etc.) on programs and is directed more towards survivor readers than people looking for facts on these places.  Plus Wikipedia already covers most of these places.
If a database could be developed that collected and housed just facts without opinions or slants it would be very valuable.

Exactly, it would be more like a collection of articles, testimony, videos and other information on the programs.

The main reason I am not a fan of the wiki is because a lot of people consider a Wiki a weak source of information given the fact that it can be edited by anyone in anyway, and although there are those working to safeguard that from happening, the fact that it is an open narrative in essence make it an unreliable source.

This database would in many ways be made for the parents, because the point would be for them to only have to google the name of the school they are considering for their child and they would stumble upon a page that contains literally ALL known information on that school.

When creating the "summary" for that school I would prefer to provide a poll, or scoring system that would determine, based on evidence and facts provided that the school could be considered abusive, and outline the specific reasons for this assessment. (For instance: School utilizes a "mind control" method, school uses a physical restraint that is non compliant to the state's regulations, School does not meet Health and Safety codes etc.)

My original idea was to create it as a kind of "red flags" list backed up but all the information on all of the schools and related topics. But more than anything, we would need to focus on spoon feeding this information to the parents, a lot of the language we use is alien to them and a lot of things need to be explained and proven in order for them to grasp the reality of the concept. We also need to address their concerns about their teens, because as we have heard so often that when they get to this point they feel they have no where else to turn, and thats what drives them to force themselves to trust these programs. We have to find a way to really STOP enrollment from even happening. I would suggest recommending a professional psychologist do an assessment interview with the family and child and possibly recommend some alternatives, or real treatment that can be found within the community.

That doesn't mean, refer to different programs, that just means we recommend that if they need to find help for their teens that they find it in an outpatient, community based program that does not employ systematic mind control or physical abuse. Maybe we can write out some guidelines and standards that a parent must follow when choosing "treatment" for their child. I was also thinking of writing a contract that they would insist that the program signs that dictates that at anytime that they child would be able to access unmonitored communication with their parents, child services and legal counsel, (among other things).

This is  in many ways my idea for a whole website, but at this point all I need is people to help me collect information out there on the programs so that I can start organizing the content for the design.


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