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Asked for advice and I want to complain


OK. Rick Norman from Stalwarts of Support wanted input for their equestrian boot camp and went to Mr. Carter's referral page so he could order books on various parents subjects.

They returned two letters:

--- Quote ---Hello Rick,

Thank you for the opportunity to share some ideas with you that will help in your decision-making process to restore peace to your home. We have extensive experience working with difficult youth. We are here to help any way we can. We have programs available that help our students learn the power of Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity, Gratitude, Respect and especially Self Worth. Locations of the schools are listed below. These programs are some of the best options available to help troubled youth. We have helped thousands of families to get back on track and go through the healing process.

For a list of schools please go to

There are loans available to finance the program. Contact us for financing options.

Here is the latest issue of a newsletter where you can see what this program did for students and their parents: ... Online.pdf

As you may know, the tuition for the least costly of these schools is roughly $2000 per month. This may be a huge and seemingly impossible stretch on your budget. You probably want help anywhere you can find it. We have investigated many financial avenues and provide the following for your assistance. These would offer a low monthly payment. Please read and consider all these options.

Option #1
Many banks do signature loans for their good customers. The first avenue is to check your bank.

Option # 2
Home Equity Loan?

Option #3
US Bank has a loan program where they will give up to $20,000 and the loan essentially works as a line of credit where the borrowers can take up to the full $20,000 out at any time and then pay it back at any time.

Option #4
There is a U.S. tax code that allows tax deductible contributions from family, friends, fellow church members, companies, etc., to be applied directly to your child's education. There are two organizations we know of that can set this up for you.
- Tony Pallotto, 866-411-8277 Teen Adolescent Placement Service
- Jeanne Shockley, 559-822-4317

Option #5
Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, etc. and your church and it's members are a great source of financial help. You may have to swallow your pride to ask for help but that will be a tiny thing compared to the benefit of getting your child whole and happy. Just do it. They care more than you know.

>Option #6 Ask the School District Office for the '02 Ruling, No Child Left Behind'. Tell them you want the money that would normally be allocated for your child to be transferred to our school.

Option # 7
A credit score of 700 or better is needed to qualify. Approvals typically take 48 hours and loan funding takes about three days after the initial approval. It's best to call the lender toll free at 866-475-4254. Representative Mark Craven will also take your call at his direct phone number, 954-376-7173.

> Hopefully one of these will work for you. If you find other options, we would be interested in hearing about them to share with other parents in the same situation.

* * * NEW SERVICE * * *
ON-LINE at home series, CHILD MOTIVATION COURSE, offered now for only $199. Same methods used in the programs. Click here:

We are here to help. The steps to admission are quite simple and we can place a student anytime. If you would like to discuss your situation or if you need immediate help, do not hesitate to call.


Donna and Mark Peterson
Admissions Coordinators
1-800-637-0701 ext. 118 and 121
(435) 632-3366 Cell
(435) 674-4830 Fax

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Rick, 911087
Thank you for requesting information from
I look forward to helping you choose the best program for your Child's situation. We have several excellent options to choose from across the U.S. that can help your child.
For immediate help or to learn more about our options please call me direct at 1-800-637-0701 ext 106 or you can go on line to
Our highly structured and comprehensive programs focus on teaching Discipline, Positive Behaviors, Self Esteem, Academics and Leadership Training.
Our students learn the power of Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity, Gratitude, Respect and especially Self Worth.

I look forward to helping you choose the best program for your Child's situation.

Loan Option:

Parents need to have a credit score of 700 to qualify. Approvals typically take 48 hours, funding on loan takes about three days after the initial approval. Their website says they can get loans from $10k to $150K. The best way to have the parents apply for this loan is to have the parents call in to the lender directly. The lenderâ??s toll free number is 1-866-475-4254. I also spoke with a rep at the company, Mark Craven, and his direct phone number is 954-376-7173. He said to feel free to have parents call him on his direct line to apply for a loan as well. He promised heâ??d provide great customer service to any parent that would be calling in.

Cheryl Sever 1-800-637-0701 ext:106
1-858-336-3681 cell
Teen Help Admissions
435-674-4830 fax
Teen Help Admissions
PO BOX 3109
St. George, UT 84771
*****Click on the links below for*****
Survey to help determine your Childs needs.
Additional location specific info. is located below.
LA http://thoptions.comrg
--- End quote ---

But several of the schools are closed and the webpage parentsupportnews is closed too.  I am ready to complain.

Rick is so frustrated and parents are writing all time to sign up despite the economical situation, so I want to ask you - Dr. Fuckhard - if SIBS have some fresh input to exercises for our new Equestrian drill team show and exercises in relationship with Draft horse showing, which would demand a huge part of team work among the students.

Do you want to be a part of the BM industry's survival now where other programs are shutting down in larger numbers?

Gunter Hallowgreen


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