Author Topic: News: Academy at Ivy Ridge will "restructure"  (Read 551 times)

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News: Academy at Ivy Ridge will "restructure"
« on: March 14, 2009, 03:30:49 AM »
Director: Ivy Ridge to close until fall, by By MAX R. MITCHELL, Watertown Daily Times, March 12 2009

The detainees will be transferred to other prisons - some properly to Oceanside.
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Re: News: Academy at Ivy Ridge will "restructure"
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2009, 10:36:59 AM »
I wonder if that is just a saving-face means of preparing the community ... for the possibility that it may never open again?

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Director: Ivy Ridge to close until fall


Female students at The Academy at Ivy Ridge line up to leave a classroom in this 2006 file photo. The boarding school for teens with behavioral issues will close this weekend until fall, director Ann Morley said.

OGDENSBURG The Academy at Ivy Ridge will close for several months starting Saturday to "restructure," school officials say.

"This was just decided this past week, so we're going to sit down and have some conversations and look at some things," academy director Ann Morley said. "It's just that while we restructure, we wanted the kids out of the facility."

Mrs. Morley did not elaborate on "restructuring," but said the students and most of the faculty will be temporarily removed from the facility until the fall.

The school has about 60 students and 38 faculty members, all of whom will either be sent home or to similar boarding schools across the country, Mrs. Morley said.

About 10 employees will remain to work on planning and maintain the facilities, she said.

There are no plans to sell the property or facilities, she added.

"We have been in contact with all the parents. They are very sad that we're going to do this for a little bit, but they look forward to the reopening," Mrs. Morley said. "I know for a fact the academy is not closing."

The school, which was geared towards teens with behavioral problems, has had a troubled history since opening its doors in 2002 at the former Mater Dei College, on Route 37.

A riot at the school in 2005 led 40 students to be expelled, and in 2006, after the state denied the school the right to issue diplomas because it lacked accreditation, enrollment dropped from around 500 to less than 100.

The school's work force was subsequently cut from around 250 to 110 in 2006 in an effort to "right-size".

Watertown Daily Times.
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