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New Perspectives
Posted: Jan 20, 2009


Holly Hunter, Owner
Alpharetta, GA

SafePassage Adolescent Services, a division of Hunter Investigations, LLC, has been owned and operated since 2007 by Holly Hunter, with offices located in GA, Tampa, FL and Huntsville, AL. Holly has 10 years experience as a private investigator. SafePassage transports troubled at-risk adolescents to wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, juvenile detention centers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout the country and internationally if needed.

Karen Tisdell, who previously worked at Three Springs Paint Rock Valley Girls Program, is a transport agent with SafePassage and a private investigator with the parent company, Hunter Investigations, LLC.

Other services available through SafePassage include adult and adolescent intervention and transport, missing person investigation and recovery, locating missing and runaway teens, legal advocacy services and therapeutic companion services.

SafePassage Adolescent Services is licensed by the State of GA and is bonded and insured.

[This information came from SafePassage Adolescent Services and the Hunter Investigations, LLC websites.]

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