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New Perspectives
Posted: Feb 18, 2009


St. George, UT
Danny H. Behymer, President

Omega Transports, LLC, is a new teen transport service opened in January 2009 by Danny Behymer, the former owner of USA Guides. Omega Transports, LLC, provides transportation for young adults and struggling teens to various destinations, including therapeutic youth programs, wilderness programs, counseling or college.

Three key principals at Omega Transports, LLC, including President Danny H. Behymer, Howard Allsup and Nick Hallman, have a combination of over 40 years of peace officer experience, with 34 in private business and 7 specific to the youth transport business. The Board of Directors and Advisory Board are comprised of company principals, counselors, therapists, educators and instructors. In addition to training members in First Aid and CPR, instructors are both certified EMT and Fire Instructors and hold certifications as Crisis Intervention Team members. All staff members must submit to and pass a criminal background investigation and are registered with the California Trustline Registry.

Omega Transports, LLC, is in the process of developing a 40-hour "Transport Academy" to address the needs of formal standards or certifications required in the transport industry. This academy will not only cover the basics but will include trainings in defensive driving techniques, adaptive problem-solving for agents with concerns during a transport that may include travel planning when a flight is cancelled or the rental car counter is closed; cellular communication outages; where to find a computer if you need one at 2:00AM; verbal de-escalation techniques; medical emergencies and how to keep the teen engaged during the transport.

[This information came from the Omega Transports, LLC website and from written communication with the President of Omega Transports, Danny Behymer.]

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