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This Forum/Project is a complete failure.

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For those who forgot...

--- Quote from: "psy" ---Well.  A few days ago I was invited to antiWWASP to take place in a discussion on how to end the industry.  The general consensus was that at the moment we, as a collective community of survivors were too divided.  In order to truly fight the industry we must work together.  A central organization, to not control, but to coordinate efforts, could exist to help us to organize ways to work together.  We came up with a name:  A.P.ALL standing for Anti Program ALLiance.

Here is a sketch of what I envision the organization looking like (Pam, an ex-wwasp parent is working on a prettier one at the moment).  Most of this is in the design phase so it's not final at all (pls peoples.  if I make a mistake do not kill me).  This is what I propose.

At the top is the constitution (bad name, I know) which basically a mission statement and a set of rules saying: we're going to fight the industry, and by the way no referrals, ever.  Below that we have the members of congress (explained below), and below that there are two divisions (maybe more in the future, for example, for protesting)

Basically we're brainstorming starting an organization to mass produce anti-program websites (a-la Benchmark exposed). The idea I set forth on the right side of the chart is to have three teams, a research team (R), a writing team (W), and a tech team (T) that does the SEO for the website and makes sure it appears high on Google. Sort of an assembly line. Research team starts off the first phase digging up dirt, interviewing survivors, and presents that information to the writing team that assembles the website (we'll have a template to help this out). Finally, the SEO team polishes the website, analyzes keyword density, and does SEO on the website.

This project will be separate from either AntiWWASP or Fornits itself, governed by a panel of reps from most of the anti program organizations (FICA, TAUSA, CAFETY, ISAC, etc.. but not CAICA of course). We're calling this new organization "a.p.all" (anti program alliance). The purpose of this panel is to agree on which program to focus on next with the websites, to coordinate resources, make decisions or amend the constitution (2/3 majority) and revise the Constitution (unanimous decision.. probably only to go back on amendments if there ever are any). This will keep us to the strict focus of digging up dirt on programs and making websites unless, and only unless, there is a clear consensus to focus on another area (protesting, for example).

Above all the organization will be governed by a constitution dictating two things: purpose (making websites, or other purposes as amended) and rules (NO REFERRALS and a very strict definition of what constitutes a referral... something as strict as the referral free zone for both my peace of mind and to get ISAC on board). Organizations or members can, of course, leave at any time.

I will coordinate the website creation division while Kev will create and control the central website (will have things like social networking, protest coordination, etc...).  An ex-wwasp parent with connections (Pam) will handle fundraising and stuff as well as helping to manage the central team of the "congress" (manage, not control). I am in favor of this (and suggested her for the job) because of the woman's management experience.

So what do people think?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: "Miss Antsy Pam" ---Our goal…. to raise public and political awareness of the privatized teen help industry in order to expose the truth about the abuse and torture that takes place in this MUTI-BILLION dollar industry that is the largely unregulated Behavior Modification Industries located in the U.S. and abroad.
Desperate parents are seeking out these facilities in order to help their struggling teens; only to find out later that their child endured unimaginable cruelty at the hands of people that were supposed to help our teens.

Our Mission…to end the privatized and UNREGULATED physical, psychological and emotional abuse of minors and parents within the Behavior Modification industry.

I am opening this up for comments, suggestions, modifications, etc.  Please...this is a collective cause and all feedback is welcomed.  I just wanted to put something out there for people the think about.

Best Wishes,
--- End quote ---


Oh. That's right.... you're taking credit for the impact of the financial recession is having on programs.  :beat:

Does posting flatulence like that fulfill some greater purpose in life for you?

try another castle:
Does this mean that you won't be wanting your complimentary fornits tote bag?

Keep the fruit basket, though. As a sign of good faith.

that project did not fail, it changed.

In fact I am organizing an event as we speak for a meeting of the minds.

but given your stance on the subject Im guessing you wont be butthurt if you are not on the guest list, random troll that you are.

This is the most action this forum has seen in a month. Give it up already and leave it to people who actually have some credibility, okay?


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