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This Forum/Project is a complete failure.

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Just stating the obvious...

What's your point?

I would like to say something about this forum.  I began searching the internet for something....for old friends actually.  When I found this forum I was a bit shocked at what I was reading....what was presented to me.  I came in here as a guest and defended program I was in.  At the same time I continued to read posts and interacted very little with one or two people here.  Then one day someone asked me a question and that question triggered a memory.  That memory triggered more memories.  It took awhile, but I began to realize how brainwashed I was.  This forum began that process of realization for me.  For that...I am thankful and must say this forum is not a failure.  For me, it has been of great help.

That's always good to hear. Glad we could help.

If it werent for this forum and others like it I would have felt very lost and and become extremely depressed about my experiences by now, instead I gained a whole network of supportive and understanding peers as well as some magnificent friends.

Fornits might be a bit harsh but the beauty of it all is that no matter how much bickering or unproductive bantering that goes on here, we are all still part of the cause that is responsible for bringing down this industry.

Failure? lol.

::Newsflash:: programs are being shut down, enrollment is scarce, new laws are being passed to outlaw these practices, people are winning lawsuits and these criminals are being convicted and sent to jail! and although the economy might have its effect on every industry, Im more than positive that our voices have made a HUGE difference.

put that in your pipe and smoke it. :rasta:


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