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I gave a supportive deposition, but...

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Wow, it's so fucking obvious that was the same person, three times over. Are you so insecure in your words that you must act as if two people agree with you?

And for your information (not that you'll retain it - you seem highly mentally incapacitated) I was one of her favorites. So yeah, she would be pretty mad.

Apparently you really don't care at all for the kids hurt by them. All you want is drama. Drama, drama, drama. You probably beat your own kids! You have no empathy. You just want some excitement. It's painfully obvious. I suggest you seek it elsewhere. Child abuse is a very serious issue especially when it involves so many kids, but all you want to do is bitch, bitch, bitch about Cheryl and Mark. Did you ever stop to think for a moment that the kids are the important figures in this case? Instead of just bitching and complaining about them, why not talk about the hurt the kids had to endure? What about the trauma that still clings to many of them to this day, and probably won't ever subside? Did you ever even consider that?

No, I don't think you did... because you're all about the excitement & the drama. You have no empathy. You truly don't give a damn about the ones hurt by them.

You care so much more about Cheryl & Mark than you do about the abused children! Well, I've got two words for you... FUCK OFF. Asshole.


--- Quote ---And for your information (not that you'll retain it - you seem highly mentally incapacitated) I was one of her favorites.
--- End quote ---

How special! :jamin:

And that's all you can say.


Lolita, How long did you go to Whitmore Academy? Did you graduate there?

Look, "Lolita".  The guests, as blunt as the might be, have a point.  The details of your story don't line up.  The holes in your story was what initially prompted me to ask "This deposition was in the criminal, not civil case, correct?".  Sorry, but that was a trick question, and you failed the test.  There were no depositions in the criminal case.

You then try to state the deposition was in the civil case.  Sorry, but that's bullshit.  First of all, people don't confuse civil and criminal cases.  Secondly, there are reasons why it is not possible that you had a depo taken in the civil case.  (but hey...  if you want to prove me wrong and post your "deposition"... prove me wrong.  you shoudl have copies, right?  :roflmao:  )

Come back some other time under another (less provocative) name.  Lose the Manson quote and the pink text.  You're trying to hard to fit in with people you clearly do not understand (ironic you accuse the guests here of "drama").  Also, you might want to avoid slamming Joyce in the first two posts.  It's a bit obvious to people who know the backstory.

Why you continue to post here is a mystery.  Maybe you're hoping people will forget that you got exposed as a fraud, or that some survivors will contact you.  Well.  I got news for you: the Whitmore people I am in contact with have been talking about your posts and they spotted more bullshit than I did.  Next time you're going to try to be an impostor or agent provocateur, might I suggest actually doing some research first.

I'll play dumb when there is even a slight chance a person is telling the truth, or it endangers nobody, but those two conditions don't apply here.  As the guest put it, whatever reasons you have for wanting to contact Joey or other Whitmore survivors can't be good.  I'm fairly protective over actual survivors.


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