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I was required to give a deposition for the Sudweeks' case, but since I was still a minor (barely 17 at the time) I was scared to death of being sent back to that hell. Of course I lied. My mother was there. If she heard me saying negative things, she may have emailed Cheryl what I had said and you know what her answer would have been... "SEND HER ON BACK!!! She's not yet fixed!!" I lied and I lied and I lied. So many lies...

Well, I really hated to do that... but the fear of returning or being sent to a similar facility for telling the truth was simply paralyzing. I'm sure the other kids from Whitmore who are still around here know just what I mean. After years of emotional, mental, and physical abuse, my life was finally normal; just the thought of it all being ripped from me once again was unbearable.

So, my question to you is this... is there anything I can do to correct what I said? I am no longer a minor and cannot be sent away, and I am afraid no longer. I'm worried that now that since the trial is over, I cannot right my wrongs and they will not be punished for what they did. I have tons of evidence... copies of emails, letters, photos that were not allowed to be posted, group newsletters that were not allowed to be posted... all of it saved. All of it here. Can I do anything with this, or is it all simply useless?

I choose not to reveal my name for fear of repercussions from those still inhaling that Kool-Aide...

I do want it to be known however, that I believe I have the most correct account of events that went on in Whitmore as I was 'in the background' most of the time... they simply assumed that my quiet, apparent conformity meant I believed every word, did everything as I was told, etc. My innocent demeanor is very misleading. I believe at some point, for a few months or more at a time, every single one of the other kids were 100% under their control, with the exception of Joey who was not there long enough for brainwashing to occur. I never was - I maintained individual thought, did what I wanted (quietly, of course - and very sneakily), and did not let their bullshit penetrate the concrete wall I set on the boundaries of my mind. I kept a secondary journal, 100% secret from both Cheryl and the students, written in a code I designed myself, containing what REALLY happened that day. The others are correct in a lot of instances, but forget to mention certain important facts or events. If anyone has ANY questions for me whatsoever, please reply and let me know. I want to help. I want everyone to understand exactly what went on there, and why we are all traumatized (or still under their control) and will be for the rest of our lives.

I still have nightmares. I know some of you do, too.


Some of that material could be posted on IsacCorp, or here. I bet lots of people would appreciate it!

Definitely... I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything I could do legally against them. I have evidence of things that were not mentioned in the trial, i.e. fraud, forging documents, and possible embezzlement.

Also, I forgot to mention... the Sudweeks stole about $1000 worth of clothing from me when I finally left. All of my winter clothing was in the hangar, including 3 jackets, one of them $300, another $200, and the last one about $100. The rest consisted of jeans, shirts, etc. They supposedly "couldn't find it in the hangar" but we all know that's bullshit. I was there when it was put there, and I remember where it was - I told them the exact spot; they refused to let me come along. Is there anything I can do legally to get it all back, or at least monetary compensation?

I also used to post here, years ago, back in 2004-2005. I lied a ton back then, too... got me in a good spot with Cheryl & Mark. If you want to know my old handle, PM me and if you can convince me you're not a drone, I just might tell you. But I WILL NOT tell Guests - you must have a legit handle with at least 10 previous posts.


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Why not post all of it here?  Create a "whitmore documents" thread, and post stuff.


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