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--- Quote from: "lazyh" ---Thank you so much for your imput. It has been greatly appreciated and a great help.
God Bless you
--- End quote ---
You're very welcome.

When you get back, you shouldn't have a problem finding the thread.  I'll call it ABM Ministries.

We have them under investigation for being Mountain Park Academy working under a new name. Datasheet on the wiki

Mountain Park was closed down which requires a lot when we are talking about Missouri.

I believe that they are under some kind of supervision because they have removed the old student handbook which spoke of the use of corporal punishment (To be read here) and replaced it with new guidelines to the staff forbidding them to use corporal punishment.

The old parentmanual stated:

--- Quote ---Before enrolling a student, parents are expected to sign a statement indicating that they have read, understand and agree to have their child governed by all policies, rules and regulations of the academy and to have corporal discipline administered to their child in accordance to those rules.
--- End quote ---

Mountain Park was a bad place. A boy was killed there so the offenders could end up in prison instead for many years because they believed it was better. You can see his name on our death list. His name was Will Futrelle.

She will most likely end up suffering from some kind of PTSD. You can read the "Mountain Park Magazine Article" - page 1 to 4 and understand how it is to reenter the world from an enclosed box as a program in reallity is.

Hey, if I'm not mistaken, that's the very same organization and facility that Alexia Parks wrote about in American Gulag

Alexia's story is the same as yours. Her niece was sent to a gulag school and her book tells the story of her struggle to get her out.

Thanks to everyone for your responses. As I posted earlier that I am not the parent so I have to build a case if you will to show the parents what could be happening to their daughter. I would take as much information from anyone that is willing to give it. Thanks so much again for the info and God bless you all.
P.S. I will keep printing items off to show them

My daughter went through ABM several years ago.  She was totally out of control when she was sent.  Yes, they have a very strict and structured environment.  She is now a hard working adult and was thankful for her experience at ABM.  Prior to sending her I did speak with several other sets of parents who have had children attend there.  Sorry, no regrets and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Good luck.



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