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Preferred modes of travel..
« on: December 30, 2008, 11:09:02 PM »
I love to travel. While I don't get to travel as often as I'd like to, I still try to get out and about as frequently as possible.

My mode of travel has evolved somewhat over the last few years.

My first trip to China had me toting a small rucksack with 3 days worth of clothes in it and a lonely planet guide book.

My second trip to Southeast Asia had me in a gargantuan pack of Herculean proportions. I could barely walk at times with the damn thing on my back. I weighed it at the airport in the Philippines and it weighed in at nearly 60 freaking pounds.

My next trip to China saw me with a more modest sized pack of about 40 pounds.

My current upgraded pack is a Doite that I bought off the back of a truck in Kunming China. I felt the urge to upgrade to it from my Jansport that had its straps cut by some douche bag while it was stowed in the luggage racks on a particularly long train ride.

When I roll out to the Xinjiang province I plan to take some of the following gizmos:

This handy little USB 2 doo dad works perfectly for the memory cards in my Camera. Speaking of which:


Minus the hawt girl of course..

The priority for my sweep through the Xinjiang province of China in some of their coldest winter months will be to be sure I have enough warm clothing. A few pairs of jeans, thermals, gloves, sweaters, coats, and gloves will round out my kit.

I did a prelim gear list and I have crammed the following into my rucksack:

1) Hoodie
2) 1 pair of thermal pants
3) 2 pairs of Jeans
4) 4 pairs of underpants
5) 4 pairs of socks
6) toiletries.
7) 2 extra sweaters
8) extra hat and extra pair of gloves.
9) extra scarf
10) 4 t shirts
11) mini dvd Player for those long train rides

I weighed it on the bathroom scale and it tilted in at a modest 18 pounds. Not to shabby from the nutbusting pack weight I was limping around with in the 'pines of 60 odd pounds.

Some folks insist on taking their laptops with them. I'm not one of them given the size and weight of mine. To top it off a laptop isn't exactly a cheap item to have smashed about inside your pack. Given the plethora of PC cafes that have cropped up all over Asia I'd rather not take the chances and just use my mini-dvd player for entertainment along with a few books.

Though I know one fool who has some seriously large Ipod who downloads whole movies to it for traveling with. I think his ipod probably has a bigger hard-drive than my limpdick laptop.

Probably a good investment item for the future. At the chump change I'm making every month it'll have to wait though.
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