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Hey All!

OK, so one thing you might all learn about me is that I am chalk full of ideas. Some are useless and some are genius but most are just under developed... I have found it to be very successful to the development of an idea or plan of action to propose it and let everyone pick it apart and make their suggestions.

So that would be the point of this thread... for any future ideas to be proposed and thrown around until we have developed a solid plan.

Do your best my friends... just make sure your open to feedback. (lolz)

Ill go first.

So, if your following the other posts here then you are aware that I proposed a folder system (database) to be used to organize and store your research materials, Well Psy and I have been talking about a way to, once all the content is collected make the information available online. I have expressed my vision for this project, as it was originally, however we haven't really gotten that far into the development yet. I am happy with the way that we have started building TTI but I have a few more suggestions that would start to pull all of this together.

First thing, I am planning on creating another homepage/site that is designed to appeal to parents and essentially "spoon feed" them the information we have collected and will link back to TTI. I expect that we will connect all our individual program sites to the TTI database in this way, so this will serve the same purpose with a little bit of a different function. If anyone is willing to help me with this project I have some specific research that I needs to be done... here are a few.

1. Professional Opinions and Published Research
2. History of the Troubled Teen Industry
3. List of deaths in programs and their autopsies
4. Information, photos, interviews of fam and friends of deaths in programs, as well as suicides and homicides after program.
 and more as we go along but all this would be more generalized information not so much school specific.

Second thing, I'm not sure how many individual sites you are planning to create but I have a feeling that once we have created a platform for the database, a specific page for each school will be made... What if instead of filling multiple websites with the same information we simply use the individual sites as a home page to link back to the TTI database. So essentially we have 80 different sites out there that all immediately link back to the TTI database. I think that would serve our SEO goal as well as save us a lot of time making 80 different full sized websites, as well as server space not having to post the same information on several different sites. I think that if we all get on board with one universal database and build our individual sites to simply lead to the database we will save lots of time and effort. I also think the database should look like several individual sites within one, a page for each major category and their sub category pages as well. (for instance one page for WWASP schools and an individual page for each school)

Third. I am very much in support of creating a new survivor's support community. I am doing some networking on myspace but I am reluctant to really dive into a full marketing strategy because I am unsure where I can send the people who are interested in joining our group/ movement. I would really like to create a new forum, with its own name and message and a structure that can serve to be several school specific support groups all in one big survivor group. I know this isnt a new idea because there are several forums out there that cater to the same thing, but right now none of them are worth sending my new recruits to. Fornits is probably the most active right now but its also the most harsh e-vironment and that is the exact opposite of what I think we should introduce new members into. what do you guys think of these names?
S.L.A.A.P. = Survivor's Legion Against Abusive Programs - (Tagline - Survivors Strike Back!)
S.A.T.T.I. = Survivors Against the Troubled Teen Industry
S.A.C.S.O = Survivors Action and Community Support Organization
S.A.E.A = Survivors Alliance to End Abuse
or S.A.E.I.C.A = Survivors Alliance to End Institutionalized Child Abuse
maybe you have better ones.... but anyway Please Discuss.

a whole week and not one response!

you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


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