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its cold!

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Must be global warmings.


Darn tooting it is! Global warming has yet to hit Seattle and we have been having freaky weather up here. There must be at least 8" snow outside with more in the forecast. A tricky proposition when you live in the lowlands by Puget Sound. Happy Holidaze!


Related question:  I'm about 20 miles inland from
Seaside, N.J.  It's been freezing here all month.
I live in a two bedroom apartment and had an enormous electric  
bill for 12/15/08-1/15/09 ($450.00!!)    
I have electric heat, but we keep it down (69*or so) :jawdrop:
Anybody else have this issue?

nope here in nebraska were used to subzero temps. last night when i was at work it was 3 been that way most of the week. wind chill was -17 to -25. our heating bill is just fine. of course we usually have sex with the GF before going to sleep helps heat up the bed so we can turn the thermostat down. or wear more cloths to bed.


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