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"oliverian school"

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who knows anything about it?? hyde knockoff right? anyone been therE?


certainly has an ironic name.

Please sir... I'd like some more...  information about this place.  where did you hear of it?

They are an ISPA member (our datasheet has nothing much to tell about them)

Beside Discovery and Red Cliff Wilderness they have some of the soft programs.

When we have the time we will investigate the programs further. Here is a link to their present membership list.

They dont call themselves therapeutic. You can look at their student handbook here

They go home during holidays. The family can visit after 4 weeks. Not a lot of red lights. I could properly find a boarding school or a continuation school here in Denmark almost as strict, if I looked around.

They are low priority for us to investigate them. If they were not a member at ISPA, we wouldn't have found them. Maybe they are meant to be a stop between program and the home. Teens who have been broken down in one of the other programs being member at ISPA could be warehoused here in a not to strict structure until they are adults for a lesser fee than a full scale program.

Ursus: is not a Hyde knockoff, though some of the terms are similar. (Hyde has tremendous disdain for professional psychs, so there ya go.)

At first glance on the homepage, it seems somewhat benign... very little mention of anything other than mainstream background in most faculty/staff profiles; but.... Lon Woodbury seems to like it. And Peter Stevens, Dean of Academics, is formerly from Academy at Swift River. On a re-read, I see several more experiential and therapeutic teaching stints mentioned amongst notes on the faculty, although none are as explicitly referenced as Mr. Stevens'.

The "caring culture" seems artificially imposed and discussed a little too extensively; never a good sign. The counseling environment also appears to be a major part of student life there.

All in all, possibly not as coercive as most programs on fornits, but one that I'd definitely keep my eye on. It hasn't been around all that long. Former students haven't had enough of a chance to speak up, in case there have been incidents of abuse... And for all we know, the flowery language on the website could be more than a little misleading, when it comes down to actually experiencing the place.


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