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Ok, so maybe Psy isnt the Devil ;)


Looked over this forum and its not the impression I had initially about whats going on here.  I think its great trying to make a cohesive effort to get the information more attainable by the public.

I am not much of a far sweeping organizer, but I would be happy to offer my time in writing or researching on specific issues that someone can dole out to me.  If you drop it in my lap Ill be glad to tackle it, but I have an extremely hectic home life currently so creative organizing might not be my strong suit.

I dont think Id ever be interested whatsoever in changing my opinion of the industry, for example to facilitate referrals.  The teen help industry is fundamentally ill conceived and the focus needs to go back to empowering parents about the risks of letting someone else take the reigns.  I think this is  a step in the right direction.

My story and Im stickin to it.

 :boycott:  :cheers:

Che Gookin:
errr... Psy isn't the devil. I am though. Name the facility that strikes your ire the most and start researching. I'll create a group for it up in the research department.

yoda yes retarded you be oh yes you :beat:

Miss Antsy Pam:
Psy isn't the devil, but he does play "devil's advocate" - I think that is a good thing and just brings different POV's to any discussion.  I appreciate the fact that HE DOESN'T just agree with people.  Instead, he is extremely well read (IMHO) and we have had many spirited discussions on a variety of topics.

Now...Che on the other hand - I won't go


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