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Che Gookin:
Research for the evils that programs do will know no limits. Call me a stalker if you want, but I want to be digging through their trash if I can. Not their e-trash either, but their dumpster out back.

A certain division of labor needs to happen in order for us to optimize our efforts. When approaching a program I want us to really get to know them.

We should attempt to do the following:

1) Call them and ask questions disguised as parents.
2) Hunt down public source information in the form of articles and reports.
3) Send out emails to veterans of programs and hit up facebook and myspace.

To do this I've created, with the help of another who wishes not to be named as she thinks I'm being a bit silly, three job titles.

Hunters: They will call the programs and anyone else they can and send emails trying to dig out information from  ed cons and programs. They will also call state officials, reporters, and even, I shudder when I say this, lawyers  if need be.

Geekers: These people are thus named because they have the misfortune of being able to read. It is a title filled with honor and should not be heckled for these people will troll the internets looking for articles and websites friendly to our cause.

Meeters: These friendly souls will go about the facebook and Myspace realms being the friendly face of our efforts. They'll send out emails, they'll send out messages, they'll send out board messages. Above all they'll be polite and respectful so not to alienate people. These people will collect veteran statements and encourage people to be more active in exposing programs.

Once we've targeted a program I want people to step into the role they feel the most comfortable with and the role they are going to actually be actively involved in perusing. I've said I would do many of things and I haven't done it before. Later I have looked stupid for my efforts.

The critical key to this formula that is going to cook up a lovely shit cake for programs is communication. Get your information posted on the right thread as soon as possible. Someone will get it organized and ready to go for the writing and editing mob.

First project:

We need people willing to help, and I mean actually help, not just promise it for Midwest, Darrington, and a General Aspen Education site.

Please remember.. if we start duplicating efforts people who are getting bombed with messages are probably going to get pissed and either tell us off or ignore us. Try to not jump into a role unless you've asked about doing it first.


for former excel kids go here: ... 8364906006
I am not good at contacting but this is a great source.

I am not good at contacting either. It takes me all day and several anxiety attacks (conveniently ending at 4:58 PM) to get up the nerve to pick up a telephone. But when de debbil got my coatails I can kick over rocks, talk to locals and dig up sh*t to pass along to the proper authorities.

Che Gookin:
I'm the debbil.. GO GO GO GO!

put me down for Meeter i already have a list of wwasps sites on my myspace and facebook. let me know others you want me to get on and your wish will be granted. and yes i can be PC and nice if i have to be.


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